Pregnant Barbie-like doll is horrifying on so many levels

pregnant barbie-like doll

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I first saw the pregnant Barbie-like doll that's currently available for sale online. It's not just a pregnant doll, it's a pregnant doll with a big round circle cut into her belly with a tiny baby doll peeking out.

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Yep, that's right. The pregnant doll actually has a mini doll in her belly that can be removed by the child playing with it, leaving a gaping hole where the baby once was. Disturbing, right?

There's so much wrong with this.

I actually have no problem with a pregnant doll. I think it's important for girls to see from a young age what their bodies are capable of, and to understand pregnancy as natural and beautiful. But this doll portrays the whole process so incorrectly from anatomical and physiological perspectives. I mean even her skinny little twig legs look ridiculous. Why is she sitting spread eagle wearing a dress and heels?



But let's get to the real problem.

Can you imagine being a little girl seeing this doll with a big round hole cut into her belly and thinking that's how babies are born?! And the promo description for the doll even suggests you can use it to teach "where babies come from." Yeah, no. Babies aren't born this way. If they were, every women would die during childbirth. Even C-sections involve just a few inches of the abdomen being cut open. Horrifying!


This would scare any child.

I would not ever give my child such a graphic toy, and I would definitely not use something so scientifically inaccurate to teach my daughter about pregnancy. When she asks, I will be honest with her and explain to her correctly how it all works. Spreading mis-information is straight up irresponsible of these toy companies. I'm not saying that they should make a doll capable of having a vaginal delivery. They shouldn't. But no child that is still playing with Barbie-like dolls is old enough to actually see the visuals associated with childbirth. Not unless maybe she's watching her own mother give birth at home. It's just not necessary. There are other more tactful ways to teach our girls about pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Bye, girl.

So yeah, as a grown woman who has birthd two children, this doll made me laugh. But it's not at all funny when I imagine little girls thinking that what this doll depicts is anything close to real life. Seems like there are only a few reviews, so perhaps most everyone else sees just how wrong it is too.

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