Jennifer Lopez shares pics of Emme's Christmas show & proves she's like all moms

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This past week so many of my mom friends were posting pictures and videos from their kids' Christmas concerts and holiday pageants, and it was the cutest thing ever. I did not, however, expect to see one of the world's biggest stars doing the exact same thing on social media as the rest of us, but that's exactly what Jennifer Lopez did.

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J.Lo's nine-year-old daughter Emme was in her school's Christmas pageant this year, and her mami was right up front taking a grainy Instagram video and cheering for her just like every other mom out there. Check out the video and four other times she's been your average doting mother on Instagram.

Looks like Emme loved having her mom in the audience for the pageant.

Christmas Pageant 2017

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Emme was eating up the attention from her famous mom, but also seemed really down to earth, smiling and chatting with a friend, while J.Lo loudly cheered her on like we all do when we see our kiddos up on stage.


J.Lo also takes hilarious Snapchats featuring her twins.

Wait for it....#Ilovechili #Max #Emme 😻😻

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Not too long ago, Jennifer shared a mommy-daughter Snapchat session that turned hilarious when you could hear her son Max in the background shouting out, "I love chili." She was so trying to be cute with Emme and Max totally foiled their plan. Every mom has been there.


The twins get tablet time so mami can enjoy some breakfast.

J.Lo has also shared a super-cute photo of herself enjoying breakfast in bed with the twins on either side of her, deeply engrossed in their tablets. While most of us don't have the same fancy linens and impressive array of breakfast foods, we aren't strangers to using screentime to enjoy a few quiet moments in the morning.

She can't believe how beautiful Emme is.

My ⭐️ #gorgeousgirl #emmemaribel❤

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You know how you look at your kids and you're just absolutely astonished by how beautiful and perfect they are? J.Lo does that too and then brags about it on social media just like every other loving mother. This close-up shot of Emme proves it.


And she's smitten with Max too.

My ⭐️ #beautifulboy💙 #maximiliandavid

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Gotta say, Max and Emme are both gorgeous kids and J.Lo is sure not to leave either out when she admires them on social media. Looks at this sweet shot of her boy. She definitely captured a moment, and like any mami would do, she showed him off to the world.

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