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Children of celebs get some pretty amazing perks. Alex Rodriguez's daughters not only get to have a baseball icon as their dad, they now get to hang out with Jennifer Lopez too. What about Shakira's sons, who have the mythical soccer stadium Camp Nou as their playground. Lucky, right?

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Sure, children of celebs also have to deal with some annoyances that include their parent's long work hours and getting attacked by aggressive fans during family time. But if you ask me, the perks far outweigh these things. Kids of celebrities have opportunities, comfort and access to things normal people don't.

Let us show you what the kids of stars like Gloria Trevi, Ricky Martin, Sofia Vergara have been up to lately. It kind of makes us wish that our parents were famous too.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins live a priviledged life. 1

That must be nice, but not as much as the twins must have hanging out with their famous parents on set, stage and in the magnificent places they get to go. Emme and Max are pros by now at the celebrity kids things. They have been in the public eye since the day they were born.


Alex Rodriguez has said that his daughters like him more since he started dating J.Lo. 2

"My daughters think their dad is a hero now. For the first time," the former Yankees star said during an interview. "No, I mean. You know, it's amazing, they think they went to heaven. And now they're hanging out with Jennifer backstage." Who can blame them?! Being backstage with one of the top stars in the world must be more fun for Ella and Nastasha than hanging out with athletes. Just saying!


Sofia Vergara's son is a fan-favorite on the internet. 3

Manolo González Vergara isn't only gorgeous and a successful YouTube personality, but he also goes to many red carpet and Hollywood parties with his famous mom.

Gloria Trevi´s son Ángel Gabriel seems to be having a blast lately. 4

Taking pictures with J.Balvin, FaceTiming with Canelo and even joining his mom on stage seem to be normal.



Ricky Martin's kids go everywhere with him. 5

Ricky Martin's kids go everywhere with him.


That includes backstage on his shows and red carpet events as cool as the premiere of the Star Wars movies.

For Shakira's kids, soccer idol Lionel Messi is just a normal pal. 6

Thanks to their dad Gerard Piqué as member of the Barcelona FC, they spend time with some of the greatest soccer players in the world. They also are a big part of their mom's world and have seen her perform many times.

In a few weeks, Milan and Sasha will travel with her during her El Dorado tour. Is that cool or what?



Alejandro Fernández's kids grew up surrounded by greatness. 7

Having a grandparent like Vicente Fernández must be amazing, as is having a dad like El Potrillo. They have traveled the world and met some of Latin America's biggest stars, but nothing compares to the support they have gotten from dad to make their dreams come true.

Camila is becoming a singer in her own right, her twin América loves photography and Alejandro Fernández Jr. is making a killing with his donut shop La Donitería in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Ex Menudo René Farrait managed to do something super special for his daughter's engagement. 8

Imagine that Ricky Martin knows that your boyfriend was going to propose and attended the engagement. That's what happened to Naiomi Farrait. I bet it made the moment even sweeter.

"That moment when everyone knows one of the most important & milestone moments of your life is about to happen, except for you 😱💅🏼💍💜," she wrote.


Ricardo Montaner's kids have it made. 9

Not only they have a close-knit family, but talented Mau and Ricky have the best contacts in the industry through their dad. The duo are nominated for their first Latin Grammy this year.

Ana Patricia and Karla Martínez's daughters are having the best childhood. 10

Their mom and auntie are among the biggest stars in Spanish-language TV in the US, which allows them many opportunities. Here they are looking like princesses during their other aunt Andrea's wedding in France in 2016.


Alicia Machado's daughter Dinorah is the apple of her eye. 11

Alicia Machado's daughter Dinorah is the apple of her eye.


She gets invited to red carpets and special events like meeting Snow White. Lucky girl.

Raúl de Molina's daughter has traveled the world thanks to her famous dad. 12

She has her own show on Univision's website called Mi mundo con Mía, has co-anchored with her dad on El Gordo y la Flaca and has met some of the most famous Latino stars. Not too bad for only being 17. See, being a celebrity kids can have perks that last a lifetime.