Jennifer lopez's twins
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

These are contentious times we're living in and we may not all be able to agree on many things, but we can all pretty much agree that Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximilian David Muñiz are living a fabulous life. How could they not be? After all Emme and Max happen to be Jennifer Lopez's children and you know that has got to come with all kinds of perks, right? 

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J.Lo is one of the hardest working women in show biz, and if anyone thought that becoming the mother of twins in 2008 would slow her down, boy were they wrong. If anything, it's like her children inspire her to keep working harder than ever.

Her children reap the rewards of her success--and why shouldn't they? Check out what life is like on any given day for J.Lo's twins. 

They were born in the limelight. 1

How many infants do you know who get to join their mami and papi on stage during a show at a little venue called Madison Square Garden? Note the adorable fancy attire the babies are wearing. Too cute! 


Private jets from the get-go. 2

Commercial airlines aren't for the children of superstars. 


Baby's first Burberry bathing suit. 3

Emme had her first designer bathing suit even before she could say "designer bathing suit." She does look fantastic in it, doesn't she? 

Who's the little hipster on mama's hip? 4

Why that's Max attending the fashion launch of the Gucci Children's Collection in head to toe Gucci, of course. 


Mocktails with mama. 5

He's not old enough to drink alcohol, but he already knows how to bring the ladies to their knees. Ok, maybe just his mama, but still. 

What's so luxurious about a merry-go-round, you ask? 6

Uh, this merry-go-round is in a park in Monaco! Monaco, as in the European playground for the rich and famous. 


Cute in Chanel. 7

In 2012, Emme was spotted at the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week. Her outfit was adorable and totally appropriate for a 4-year-old, but the Chanel bag and brooch she sported cost more than most people's entire wardrobe. 

They may be small, but they are still their mama's biggest fans. 8

Take your kids to work events for Jennifer Lopez include going to movie premieres. 


The belles of the ball. 9

Some little girls grow up dreaming of attending fancy balls, not Emme. 

Nobody puts Max in a corner. 10

Don't worry, Max gets to go with mommy too.


They are a darling duo. 11

School uniforms with a crest! So posh, qué no

Sharing is not a problem. 12

No need to fight over who gets to use the laptop if they both have one. Can we talk about how cute it is that with all that space around them, these two cuties still choose to be so close to each other? Max is even using Emme as a backrest. 


Again, these kids don't fly coach. 13

The caption on this Instagram pic reads: "World Travelers since day one!!" And it shows. Look at how comfortable they look in the cockpit like it's just another fabulous day in their fabulous life. No biggie. 

Chillin' at the recording studio. 14

It's not all private jets, European vacations and fashion shows for the twins. Low-key days could involve just hangin' with mom at a recording studio. 


They don't need no stinkin' backstage passes. 15

Just two fashionable offspring of one of the most fashionable superstars around relaxing backstage in Vegas before their mama tears up the stage in front of an adoring crowd. 

Holding hands as they wait for their ride. 16

Look at how dear they are to each other. They may have many luxuries in their life, but this love they clearly have for it each other is their most priceless treasure. May it last them a lifetime.