Best family Halloween costumes

Who says Halloween is just for the kids? Dressing up in costumes can be fun for both the kids and parents alike--especially if you get creative. In fact, some of the coolest, most impressive Halloween costumes I've seen are when families dress up together with themed costumes. You know what they say: A family that dresses up together, stays together. Okay, maybe that's not a saying, but dressing up with your family is still cute though!

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The truth is, kids look cute no matter what, regardless of the costume they choose. It's when their parents step up their game and dress up in coordinating outfits that things start to look really cool.

There's something about family coordinated costumes that make them hard to forget. From The Little Mermaid, to Harry Potter--even Star Wars!--there is no limit to how creative you can get! Here are 16 family costumes that will make you guys look cool and memorable AF!


You can't really go wrong dressing up as mummies. 1

There's kind of no way you can mess this up. Plus, a family dressed like mummies is so much cooler than just one mummy, right?


If you're short on time, we got you. 2

If you're short on time, we got you.


Just get the whole fam coordinating boo shirts from Target. Can't go wrong! And they're so cute!


Everyone will appreciate a 'Wizard of Oz' themed Halloween costume. 3

I mean how could you not? Just makes sure someone agrees to be Dorothy and you're good!

They Disney theme can also be great for a family! 4

Dressing up like Mickey Mouse and his friends will feel almost as fun as a family trip to Disney World!


This Winnie The Pooh costume is everything. 5

I can't get over the baby Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger!


A throwback video game themed family is pretty genius! 6

Seriously, what's cuter than a family dressed like the Super Mario Brothers?


This Minions family is everything. 7

Go trick-or-treating like this and your kid will probably get more candy than expected. That's how cool this is!

If you have small kids, chances are they saw 'Beauty and the Beast' this year. 8

They'll be so down for this!


This Addam's Family theme is so badass. 9

How cute is little Wednesday!?

A Harry Potter family costume is magical! 10

And if mom isn't down to dress up, you're still good!


If your kid says she wants to dress like Little Red Riding Hood, let her do it. 11

And make sure you and your hubby join in on the fun!

This Star Wars family costume is so dope! 12

I especially love Princess Leia's look. 


This 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' situation is the best. 13

Blueberry girl is perfect if mom is preggos and I can't with the Umpa Lumpa!

If your little girl loves The Little Mermaid, this is it right here! 14

Get the whole family involved. Seriously, how can you not find this adorable?


This Neverland crew is too cute. 15

The alligator with the clock is bound to trigger some laughs.