toddler messes

The saying "silence is golden" does not apply to parents with toddlers. It's not that you don't want a moment of silence. Of course you do, but if there is silence in a home where a toddler lives that's probably NOT a good thing. Why? Because if you have a toddler and you can't hear them, they're either napping, which is hardly ever the case, or they're up to no good. 

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What kind of "no good" are we talking about? Oh, tu sabes, the kind of no good that involves big messes that you will have to clean up because toddlers are great at making messes, but pretty much useless when it comes to cleaning them up. 

It's OK, though, because we love our little traviesos and end up laughing our pompis off at some of the trouble they get into. Also, it makes for great picture-taking opportunities, as you'll see in the examples we've collected in this gallery. So get your clicky finger warmed up and get ready to see hilarious messes that only a toddler can get away with making. 

The writing is on the walls. 1

 Is there a toddler in the history of EVER that hasn't drawn on a wall? 


Toilet paper and toddlers don't mix. 2

Whoever invents toddler-proof toilet paper is going to make so much money. 


What were you thinking? 3

I'm sorry, but why would anyone think that a white rug and a toddler could coexist? 

Sometimes it's hard to stay chipper. 4

Why? Why can't it just be one chip? Why does it have to be the whole bag? 


Make sure to pencil in some time to clean. 5

Make an appointment with your cleaning supplies because you will be needing them. 


What the what? 6

Eww, do you even want to know what that is? 


Forget about coloring inside the lines. 7

Oh look, this toddler accidentally got some paint on the paper. 

Toddlers are eggsceptionally clumsy. 8

This gives a whole other meaning to the term "huevón." 


This isn't ketchup. 9

It's more like ketchdown. 

They're messier than your pets. 10

The dog's thinking, "Why am I the one who gets crated when the kid makes way bigger messes than I do?"