Beyonce's mom reveals why her twins were named Rumi & Sir

Beyonce names twins Rumi and Sir
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The Carter household just keeps getting bigger. Beyonce and Jay-Z recently welcomed twins, Rumi and Sir, making them now a family of five, including their oldest daughter, Blue Ivy. But aside from all the gorgeous shoots she's shared on both her website and Instagram, Beyonce hasn't really revealed much about her two new babies. We still don't know why she decided to name them Sir and Rumi. Fortunately, her mom Tina Knowles was quick to clear up any confusions we might still be having. 


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We were all a little taken back when we learned Beyonce was naming her son Sir and her daughter Rumi. Sir was – well just weird! And Rumi was beautiful and obviously inspired by the 13th century poet Rumi. But why Rumi? Well, Tina Knowles broke it down with one simple Instagram post.

She shared a beautiful verse written by the Persian poet and Sufi mystic. Tina even mentions that the third line is her favorite one in the verse.

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If Beyonce and Jay-Z love Rumi's work as much as Tina, than we can totally understand why they'd choose to name their daughter after him. His work is not only inspiring, but perfectly describes what love is truly about. 

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As for Sir's name, Professor Richard Coates, a professor in linguistics from the University of the West of England revealed that the name represents both nobility and power.

"Sir is a word introduced as a title of honour by the Norman rulers in the 11th or 12th century. It originally just meant 'Lord' – not royal, just aristocratic or a sign of the King's favour," he told Harper's Bazaar. Kind of reminds of us of when Kim and Kanye named their son Saint. 

Clearly Jay-Z and Beyonce did their homework before naming their kids. They went for unique names that had truly deep meanings and how can we be mad at that? 

As for how Blue Ivy is doing having new siblings: According to Tina, she's a pretty "good big sister." 

"She's very proud and very excited," Tina said in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight's, Denny Directo. "She's a good big sister, she really is." 

Aww we knew she would be! Congrats to the Carters and their beautiful expanding family. 

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