kid texting under blankets

Parenting in this day and age means that you have to stay up to date on how your kids communicate. They text, they instant message, they use social media, they're all over the place. You can keep an eye on their behavior online, you can tell them you'll check their texts on occasion, but if you don't understand what the heck all their text acronyms, slang or emojis mean, then you may as well be reading gibberish.


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Let's face it: Our kids are living in a totally different day and age today, and they're probably more savvy in many ways than we were at their age. Technology is just part of it, but it reaches into every part of their lives. As parents, we also have so much more to think about: How old do kids have to be when they get phones? How much screen time can we allow the little ones? Heck, my kids know how to use my phone and tablet better than I do. And that's fine, but there are also dangers.

How can you tell if what they are communicating is inappropriate to the point of being more sexting than texting? Well, we've put together a list of 47 codes that kids use to throw their parents off their sexting trail. Click and learn.

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