kid licking window

We've all heard sayings like "parenting is the hardest job" and it's true. Parenting is hard, but you know what else it is? It's gross because kids are GROSS. Some are grosser than others, but there isn't one single kid on the planet that isn't some kind of gross. As parents we can all one-up each other with tales of the disgusting things our children do. And thanks to social media, we can share it all online and laugh about it together. Get your clicky finger ready to go because you've got to see some of the gross things kids do. 

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Sippin' on dirty bath water. 1

Yup, kids will drink from the bathtub like it's no big thing while you sit there and try not to gag. Remember you probably did it when you were a kid too. 


If it fits, it's goin' in. 2

I suppose you can't blame a child for being curious. Turns out straws fit beautifully into small nostrils when they aren't being used to for drinking. 


They'll help you clean lickety-split. 3

It's a good thing they are so darn cute. 

No words necessary. 4

Maybe just an "EWWWWWW!"


One person's garbage is another kid's meal. 5

Snackin' from the trash is not off limits. 


They are constantly sticking their foot in their mouth. 6

There's nothing metaphorical about how they put their little patitas in their little boquitas


Kid palates are so unrefined. 7

Try to get them to eat vegetables regularly and they act like you're torturing them, but feed them a crazy concoction that makes no sense and they are all over it. 

Let's just say they don't mind doggy kisses. 8

Do you tell the dog to stop or the kid to stop? It's probably easier to train the dog to stop. 


They are super creative with spit. 9

Good for them! At least they are using their imagination. 

Again, with the toilet! 10

Not exactly what you meant when you said, "Go in the toilet." 


They do the windows. 11

Trouble is you wish they wouldn't do them with their tongues.