Video of toddler who almost drowned while wearing floaties on will make you cringe

boyIt takes just seconds for a fatal drowning to occur. With summertime officially here, we have to be extra cautious of the dangers pools and beaches pose on children--especially under the age of 14. A new video surfaced showcasing a child drowning while wearing his floaties, which totally makes you feel like there's no safe zone when it comes to these things. Take a look.


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In the video, you see the kid playing in the kiddie pool. All of a sudden, he flips face-first and it takes several seconds for someone to even take notice. One of the little girls eventually sits him upright, but the video is still pretty chilling. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated one in five children who face fatal drowning are under the age of 14. Floaties aren't always the answer and instead could provide a false sense of security for parents and kids. The design and quality of the product matters too. 

Watching your child like a hawk is truly the best way to prevent any of these things from occurring. Mistakes also do happen and there's only so much you can do, but always being near your child when swimming is the safest bet. You could never be too safe! 

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