Shopping for baby bottles? Advice from 8 moms will help you choose!

Whether you're exclusively formula feeding, pumping breast milk or doing a mix of both, one thing is for sure – you're going to need a supply of bottles! But how to know which brand and style to choose, since there are just so many options available? We turned to real moms to find out which ones they loved and why, to help make your decision a little easier.


"We used Tommee Tippee and loved them because they were wide and easy for the boys to hold on their own early on. Both boys also responded well to them despite their tongue ties which made breast-feeding unsuccessful. I was so happy with their bottles that I used a bunch of their other products! I also loved the bottles because they transitioned beautifully to their sippy cups, which were versatile in terms of tops. All of their tops were interchangeable with all of their cups. They also had handles that could easily be attached to the bottle for holding too." – Dana

"I used Philips Avent. He drank from them just fine and they were available fairly cheaply from Target. I think I started with hand me downs from a friend (I just bought new nipples)." – Heidi

"Avent, because there were only a few pieces to assemble and clean." – Jane

"Dr. Brown's - I don't like all the parts but I do like the reduction of gas and I did notice a difference." – Julie

"The old fashioned Evenflo bottles. The others seemed gimmicky, were expensive and had too many parts to clean." –Shannon

"For my youngest, who was breastfed, I used Tommee Tippee bottles - they were more like my breast and my son would only take this type of bottle. (I pumped while at work). For my older son, who was formula fed, – Avent. I liked the varying sizes and ease of cleaning." – Kendra

"With my oldest, we used the Playtex with the liners just because they seemed the most simplistic. I loved that there were only a couple parts to wash and that the milk heated quickly. With my youngest, we used the Playtex Ventaire. I think. But I don't exactly remember because, well, second child." – Sarah

"Playtex Nursers. I loved them because I was able to take all the air out of the bottle prior to feeds, and because they seemed closest to the breast." – Brenda

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