long-lost sippy cup meme

If you don't think that parenting is full of disgusting moments, then you're probably not a parent. Just ask any parent to tell you what the grossest thing they've ever had to do is and get ready to sit back and relax a while between gags, because they are going to have some unbelievably repulsive tales to tell. Click through to see some of the nastiness all parents have to survive. 

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You're gonna be on moco-duty. 1

Snot your problem? It is if you have a young child. 


You'll use your spit to groom your child. 2

You'll end up using your saliva to clean your kid's face, tame their hair and who knows what else. 


You'll do a lot of fishing. 3

Unfortunately, it will be fishing things out of the toilet. 

Smelling things that no human should ever have to smell. 4

You will gag so hard from the stench of rotten milk. You will recover, but DAYUM!


Changing big kid diapers is NOT cool. 5

Once your kid starts eating solids, their solid waste will seem like the caca of a full-grown person. 


You'll be dining on leftovers. 6

You're used to dining on leftovers from restaurant meals or yesterday's dinner, but once you have kids it's all about eating what they don't. Sometimes it's all you have time to shove in your mouth. 


Puke doesn't clean itself up. 7

Not only does puke not clean itself up, it makes you want to puke when you're cleaning it up. 

You don't know what dirty laundry is until you have kids. 8

The laundry is never-ending and it is so dirty that sometimes it is quite literally full of crap. 


You're gonna get pissed and pissed on. 9

Your child will pee in public, on you, in the car, but not when you try to make them pee in an actual restroom because where's the fun in that? 

And then there's lice. 10

You send your kid off to school and sooner or later they are going to come home with a head full of lice. Unless you want to keep them as pets, you're gonna have to spend hours murdering the little suckers.