Jacky Bracamontes' daughter Renata is already walking at 10 months

jacky bracamontesJacky Bracamontes is a proud mama! The Mexican star recently showed off her daughter Renata's first steps. Her third daughter just turned 10 months and is already walking! There's no better (and most daunting) feeling when your baby starts to walk. Check out the adorable video she shared. You're going to melt! 


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"My Renata started walking," wrote Jacky as a caption. In the video, Renata takes a couple of steps and then falls on her bum. "Bravo Renata!" you can hear Jacky cheering. Renata is lucky enough to have two older sisters, Mini Jacky and Carolina, to look up to. 

According to BabyCenter, babies start to walk between 9 to 12 months. Renata definitely got started on the earlier side of the range. I remember when my son started walking, I felt like this baby thing was just moving too quickly. It's a bit nerve-wrecking since you instantly want to protect them from anything and everything that causes harm. 

Jacky is a pro at this stuff, though! Just last month, she also celebrated Renata's baptism alongside her family and husband Martin Fuentes. The proud mom is always sharing her family milestones with fans and it makes her feel like part of our mom squad. 

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