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Mom-shamers run the Internet and celeb moms are always the easiest target. There are plenty of stars who have been blasted for their questionable parenting decisions, which they've shared on their social media pages. Motherhood is not easy, and it's even harder when millions of strangers feel the need to have an opinion on everything you do or don't do. 

Post a sweet picture of their child can turn into a big ordeal for certain celebrities who are usually attacked for how they raise their kids. For some, like Shakira, even what you wear during an outing with your babies can cause people to comment on your parenting. Isn't that insane?


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Instagram has made it easy for fans to share their thoughts openly on a celebrity's page, and some of them aren't too kind. From kissing their kids on the lips, to how they dress their babies or how they hold their children--anything and everything is up for scrutiny. Sometimes fans forget that everyone deserves a learning curve when it comes to parenting because it's really not an easy task to parent little humans.

We all make mistakes when it comes to our babies, but it's part of the process. Famous moms are also entitled to some room for error and people shouldn't be so quick to jump and attack every time they notice that something might be off with their parenting style. We all have our own way of doing things, and it's time we all learned to respect that. Take a look at our favorite moms who have been criticized and dealt with it like pros. 

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