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Mom-shamers run the Internet and celeb moms are always the easiest target. There are plenty of stars who have been blasted for their questionable parenting decisions, which they've shared on their social media pages. Motherhood is not easy, and it's even harder when millions of strangers feel the need to have an opinion on everything you do or don't do. 

Post a sweet picture of their child can turn into a big ordeal for certain celebrities who are usually attacked for how they raise their kids. For some, like Shakira, even what you wear during an outing with your babies can cause people to comment on your parenting. Isn't that insane?

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Instagram has made it easy for fans to share their thoughts openly on a celebrity's page, and some of them aren't too kind. From kissing their kids on the lips, to how they dress their babies or how they hold their children--anything and everything is up for scrutiny. Sometimes fans forget that everyone deserves a learning curve when it comes to parenting because it's really not an easy task to parent little humans.

We all make mistakes when it comes to our babies, but it's part of the process. Famous moms are also entitled to some room for error and people shouldn't be so quick to jump and attack every time they notice that something might be off with their parenting style. We all have our own way of doing things, and it's time we all learned to respect that. Take a look at our favorite moms who have been criticized and dealt with it like pros. 

Shakira was mom-shamed for not wearing a bra during an outing with her children. 1

Shakira went to Disneyland with her boys, Sasha and Milan, but some people had a problem with the singer not wearing a bra under her T-shirt. Can a girl just relax sometimes? If only men understood how uncomfortable bras can be.


Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was called out for putting mascara on her 2-year-old daughter, Giovanna. 2

The reality star decided to fire back at the haters. "I will turn off the comments section. I don't need *ssholes telling me how to raise my child and judge them. I'm a damn good mom and know what I'm doing. Well most of the time," she wrote. 


Kim Kardashian has been hit by so much mom shaming. 3

She caught some heat when she posted a photo of daughter North, who was 5 at the time, wearing a two-piece bikini with people sayin that a child shouldn't wear that time of bathing suit. Kim was also criticized for kissing baby Chicago on the lips in another photo.

Elizabeth Gutierrez was criticized for allowing her 11-year-old son Christopher to dye his hair blond. 4

One fan wrote, "Why would you dye his beautiful natural hair?" This seems like a fair question.


Chrissy Teigen was mom-shamed for how she was holding her daughter Luna in New York City. 5

Chrissy Teigen was mom-shamed for how she was holding her daughter Luna in New York City.

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One follower wrote, "This is not how a baby is held." It didn't take long for the model to fire back. "Really because that’s how I’m f--king holding her," Teigen responded. Ouch! Point taken?


Coco Austin was hated on for putting pink heels on her then 3-month-old baby Chanel. 6

"She doesn't walk. You need a baby to go through the stages of innocence," wrote one person. Austin doesn't seem to care one bit and keeps dressing her daughter up in style. 


In 2013, Gisele Bündchen was hated on for piercing her then 8-month-old daughter Vivian's ears. 7

The Brazilian model never responded to the comments. Many took offense. What is the issue here? 

Jacqueline Bracamontes was judged for allowing her daughter Carolina to make this mess while shopping in Las Vegas. 8

The dad Martin Fuentes wrote, "We got asked to leave the store, I wonder why?????" Glad he had a sense of humor about it! 


Jennifer Lopez was previously criticized for homeschooling her twins, Max and Emme. 9

J.Lo revealed, back in June, that she felt judged for homeschooling her children instead of giving them a "normal" life. "Everybody's like, 'You should have them in school, they need friends.' It drives me--it can drive you crazy," she told Fox News

In 2015, Christina Milian was mom-shamed for 5-year-old Violet's braided hairstyle. 10

Many followers felt that the braids were too mature and way too heavy for the little girl's stature. “For those of you more concerned with Violet’s hair (understandably cause you just don’t know) her hair isn’t in the twists, it’s another method used where they are tied into her corn rows. The hair isn’t heavy,” Milian wrote.


Kim Kardashian felt some heat for allowing North West to pick her own fabric for her high-end custom clothing. 11

"We make all her own clothes so she picks the fabrics at fabric stores!" Kim tweeted with excitement. One Twitter user responded, "These are the kind of things why people hate you." The KUWTK star wasn't having it. She fired back, "Because she has a passion for fashion and we've given her the tools to explore that? Spending time w dad @work isn't bad either."

Mariah Carey was picked on because her son, Moroccan, still uses a pacifier. 12

The songstress innocently shared this movie night photo of the family back in February 2016. Some followers took notice of her then 4-year-old's treasured accessory. "I KNOW her son does NOT have a damn pacifier in his mouth? Smdh. If so, He is too damn big smh, she oughta be ashamed if so," wrote one hater. Wow! 


In 2015, Kelly Clarkson was shamed for her then 8-month-old daughter River's weight. 13

A controversial British celeb Katie Hopkins wrote, "Every fat child has a fat parent. And that's--for me--why Kelly Clarkson is an important example." 

The singer responded by telling Heat magazine, "I'm awesome! It doesn't bother me."

JWOWW was slammed for taking her then 9-week-old son Greyson for a dip in a pool. 14

Some people were shaming her for taking a newborn to the pool due to exposing him to chlorine. She had the perfect response to the photo, which shows her husband Roger Mathews holding the child. 

She wrote, "My son is two months and in a salt water pool up to his belly... Probably for a total of 3 minutes." Boom! 


'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham is no stranger to getting mom-shamed. 15

Earlier this year, the reality star posted provocative modeling photos of her then 7-year-old daughter Sophia. She really never listens to the haters.

Khloé Kardashian was judged for how she held her baby. 16

Khloé shared this pic of her baby True and fans took to the comments to criticize her for how she was carrying the child. 


Kourtney Kardashian was criticized for her vacation pics. 17

She shared tons of photos from her Italian vacation and they were beautiful. "Where are your kids?" a nosey fan commented under a solo shot of the reality TV star. Kourt fired back, writing: “My son was taking the photo, and the other two were sitting a table across from me. Thank you so much for your concern.” Can a mom vacation in peace?

Fans called out Teresa Giudice for letting her daughter wear a crop top. 18

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star posted a pic of her daughter with her belly showing on her 9th birthday. People were commenting saying she was forcing her kids to look older than they are.


Maripily Rivera was criticized recently for sharing this intimate photo with her 16-year-old son Joe. 19

She blasted "stupid mediocre people" for thinking this photo was sexual in any way. The star also paid tribute to single moms. She showed that maternal love is real and she doesn't care what people think! 

When Carolina Sandoval was still pregnant with her baby Amalia, she was shamed for gaining too much weight. 20

The Telemundo host responded to online haters when they blasted her for gaining too much weight during her pregnancy. She started calling her weight gain, "libras de amor" or "pounds of love."