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The camera loves Dream Kardashian and she loves it right back. Her parents, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, are obsessed with capturing her most adorable moments and who can blame them? She's the cutest little thing ever that is always ready for a close-up. The rest of Dream's famous family can't get enough of her either. Whether she's just chilling at home or partying with her cousins, her adorable smile and bubbly personality brings life to any room. Photos of her just living her best life are powerful enough to warm the coldest heart.

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Dream had an extra reason to celebrate this week--she just turned 2 years old on Saturday. Her mom wrote her the sweetest message on Instagram in honor of the special day. "To my Dreamy, Today is your 2nd Birthday and one day when you are older you will read this and know how much I love and cherish you," Blac Chyna said. "I wish you the most fulfilling experiences on your journey, blessings that overflows on your hands and the courage to pursue your 'Dreams.' As your mother I hope happiness and peace will follow you every step of the way. Happy Birthday to my beautiful and smart babygirl!!!!! Love Mommy."

She's growing up way too fast! Let's pause and take a look back at Dream's journey so far with the most endearing pictures her loved ones have shared ever since she entered their lives.

-- Additional reporting by Sugey Palomares

Dream is so beautiful! 1

Her little pearly whites are too adorable.


Grandmother Kris Jenner loves her so much. 2

"Happy birthday to our sweet angel Dream!" she wrote on Instagram. "It brings me so much joy to watch you grow into the most beautiful, sweet, kind-hearted and loving little girl. We love you so much!!"


Dream can totally match Kris' swag. 3

"Me and my little Granddaughter Dream, at P and North’s unicorn birthday party! #dreamgirl #lovebug," she captioned this photo.

She is Rob's mini-me. 4

You can tell he is so smitten with Dream by the way he looks at her.


Dream is definitely a daddy's girl. 5

Look at how happy she is in this photo.


How cute is this hairstyle? 6

"My babyyyyyyy girl," Rob wrote on Twitter. 


Dream makes chilling on a swing look so cool. 7


This is what Dream's hangouts with her dad look like. 8

"I mean..... is this not the cutest picture you've ever seen?" Khloe Kardashian captioned this image. "Daddy/Daughter time! So cute together!"


She is a little ball of energy in this picture. 9

"My silly girl ! Ok last pic of the day lol!" Rob tweeted.

It's hard to believe that Dream is ever in a bad mood. 10

"Dreamy and Mommy," Blac Chyna captioned this post.


She has her own custom Christmas robe. 11

Her coordinating shoes are everything!

Dream's eyelashes need a moment. 12

They are out of this world!


Dream lounges by the pool in style. 13

She is such a precious little mermaid!

This is such a cute mommy and me moment. 14

We can't blame Blac Chyna for going all out on Halloween.


She was the perfect Raggedy Ann doll last year. 15

Look at those cheeks!

Her big brother, King Cairo, will always have her back. 16

Dream's lobster costume is the best!


Blac Chyna shared this adorable collage of King and Dream last month. 17

She called King "the best big brother ever to your sister Dream" and we can tell.

Dream definitely has a sweet tooth. 18

This picture says it all.


Look at how she is staring baby Chicago West down at their cousin cupcake party last month. 19

She couldn't wait to get a piece of cake! Lol.

Dream spends a lot of time with her huge crew of cousins. 20

Here she is lounging with her aunt Khloe and Kourtney's three kids.


Saint West is her BFF. 21

They are so close!

It looks like Dream is going to grow up with a bonus brother. 22

Family is everything!


Playtime with Penelope must be so much fun. 23

They will cherish this photo when they're older.

We want an invite to Dream's next tea party. 24

They look like a blast!


Meet the queen of pumpkin patches. 25

She looks like she's right at home.

Even Kim Kardashian can't handle Dream's cuteness. 26

"Even her cry face is pretty!" Kim wrote on Instagram. "I'm gonna take notes!"


Those puppy dog eyes could move mountains. 27

She is such a sweetheart.

Have you seen a more perfect face? 28

Rob and Chyna named her Dream for a reason.


You can tell that she loves taking photos. 29

She's a natural.

The definition of a happy baby. 30

This picture is perfect!


Blac Chyna called her "Princess Dream" in the caption of this photo. 31

We 100% agree with that title.

Dream's proud dad shared this snap of his little girl. 32

Just look at that smile! She's the cutest!


Rob also shared this photo of Dream's first Easter outfit. 33

She looks ready to party! 

Rob loves it when Dream is awake and ready to play. 34

"Somebody is awake woohoo," he wrote.


Blac Chyna shared this adorable Snapchat of Dream in a L.A. Dodgers filter. 35

She looks just like her daddy here!

Dream looks adorable with her little teething ring. 36

While the couple split, they have been making more of an effort to co-parent.


Look at Dream in her walker! 37

Those days are long behind her.

Look at how precious Dream looks while...dreaming. 38

She's too cute.


Blac Chyna shared this silly photo with the caption, "My fabulous life." 39

King Cairo is so adorable too. 

For her 2nd month check up, Rob was there to give his baby girl a kiss. 40

She looks so much like her daddy!


Blac Chyna shared this family photo without Rob Kardashian after the two split. 41

Ouch! Well, they're still a beautiful family.

Dream Kardashian was honored with this adorable 1 month milestone photo. 42

Yay! She really does look like a mini Rob! 


Proud tia Kylie Jenner posed with the sweet little Dream. 43

Of course she had to wear a low-cut shirt while doing it. 

Dream was snapped posing for the camera while being wide awake. 44

She looks like a Kardashian doll.


Rob Kardashian caught his princess smiling in her sleep. 45

These are the best moments ever for a proud parent, no?

Dream Kardashian is living the sweet life and looks so cuddly and perfect. 46

She is going to fit right in with the other beautiful Kardashian children. 


Khloe shared this adorable photo of the new family addition. 47

"A dream come true," she wrote. 

Amber Rose made sure to snap a pic with little Dream, too. 48

"A dream come true," she also wrote as her caption. She was thinking the same thing as Khloe!


Rob also made a joke about baby Dream having the Kris Jenner haircut. 49

He's kind of right. She does have a lot of hair!

The newborn was introduced to Snapchat early on. 50

She posed with her mom, who used the flower crown filter. So sweet!