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Parenting is a tough job and it's even tougher when everyone is judging you on social media. Celebrities are under constant scrutiny when it comes to how they choose to raise their children. They get shamed for even the slightest mistake. And sometimes, I have to admit, it's pretty entertaining--even if you don't agree.

It seems like everyone online is all of a sudden some sort of parenting expert, and while we may know exactly how we like to raise our children, it's important to know everyone has their own style. What's also something everyone should be aware of is that there is a learning curb when it comes to raising babies and every new parent is entitled to making his or her own mistakes. After all, there's no such thing as a perfect parent.

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It is easy to jump in the comments section of a celeb's Instagram picture to provide your two cents, but you have to realize there's a living, breathing human being on the other side. While some celebrities who are used to being criticized and are quick to clap back, like Kim Kardashian, there are others whose skin isn't as tough and they might actually start to believe there's something wrong with their parenting.

Helpful critiques could be useful for new parents but finding something negative in everything a celebrity does must be exhausting. There's no need to drag everyone all the time for things that prove that they are indeed, just human like the rest of us.  Take a look at these celebs who've been blasted on social media for sharing certain pics that showcase their parenting choices and lifestyles.

--Additional reporting by Sugey Palomares

People called Kim Kardashian out for posing topless with her baby in her arms for a makeup campaign. 1

This might be the most natural thing in the world to have a baby on your chest but some found it unappealing that Kim used the image to share eyeshadow from her KKW Beauty line. "Good picture with baby, but not to promote the eye shadow 😂😬😂," one Instagram user wrote.


Kim Kardashian is so used to criticism she anticipated this one of her son, Saint. 2

Kim shared an adorable Instagram snap of herself carrying baby Chicago with her son, Saint, walking next to her with something in his mouth. "P.S. mom shammers it’s not a pacifier, he’s eating candy!" she captioned the pic. A user still commented back: "1. Go back to school...its SHAMERS 2. Ummm....is candy supposed to be better??" Yikes.


Gerard Piqué caught some heat for playing in the mud with his two boys. 3

An Instagram user tried to ruin the adorable dad and sons moment by saying Gerard was careless in doing this because he's not the one who has to wash the clothes. Some people just take it too far.

The baby carrier Aislinn Derbez used during a trip to Hawaii received some criticism from her followers who said it looked "uncomfortable." 4

The Mexican actress had to respond in the comments section saying that it is actually the carrier she used is best way to carry a baby for long hours without harming their spine or hips. 


Fans also criticized Kim for kissing her baby on the lips. 5

While the vacation snap she shared was absolutely breathtaking, her Instagram fans chose to focus their energy on whether a mom should or shouldn't kiss their baby. Some of the comments they wrote were so gross, it's not even worth repeating.

Singer Nacho Mendoza and wife, Inger, caused controversy for saying their kids sleep in the same bed as them. 6

She wrote a lengthy caption saying that there is plenty of room on their king size bed and she was enjoying as much time as possible together before her babies got older.


Khloé Kardashian's vacation pics also came under fire. 7

People criticized Khloé for putting a head scarf on her baby while she was out in the sun. Not only that but they said the particular color, black, would attract more heat. On one hand, yes, that is true, but still. Mind your business, people! The baby's grandmother, Kris Jenner, has raised six kids and she was also there so we are sure this was OK. 

Jacqueline Bracamontes' husband, Martín Fuentes, was blasted for being too careless about an aquatic activity with 2-year-old mini-Jacky. 8

This does look pretty dangerous. Maybe aquatic skiing isn't the best activity for a toddler.


Kim Kardashian was criticized for letting North fall asleep with a pearl necklace. 9

This could be a serious choking hazard, but she probably took it off after snapping the pic. I hope.

Kourtney Kardashian was hated on for sharing a photo of her kids Penelope and Reign on the hood of a $122,000 car. 10

Many felt like she was doing a "dangerous" thing by showing off her wealth like this after her sister Kim's Paris robbery. 


In 2013 Gisele Bündchen shared this sweet photo of her then 8-month-old daughter, Vivian. 11

Notice that her ears are pierced. Many blasted the model for piercing her baby's ears at such a young age.

In June 2016 Carolina Sandoval shared a beautiful photo breastfeeding her newborn, Amalia Victoria. 12

While she's doing a very natural thing in the photo, many fans took offense. There's no issue with this!


Kristin Cavallari was hated on for keeping her sons, Jaxon and Camden, too skinny back in July 2016. 13

"I understand you live a very strict dietary lifestyle but these children are very obviously nutritionally deficient," one follower wrote. Are they right?

In 2015 fans freaked out after viewing this photo of Ryan Reynolds posing with his daughter, James, in a carrier. 14

The baby doesn't look too comfy, but I'm sure this was just a new parent mistake. Hopefully they learned their lesson! 


In March 2016, Coco Austin was blasted for putting high heels on her newborn daughter, Chanel. 15

"She's like my little doll. This is my very first doll ever because I never owned a doll in my life and this is my real-life doll," Austin shared with E!

Hillary Duff was blasted for kissing her son Luca on the lips while at Disneyland. 16

The actress fired back and wrote, "For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my 4-year-old is 'inappropriate' go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgement."


'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham was criticized for posting provocative images of her then 7-year-old daughter Sophia in 2016. 17

Poor girl should not be targeted in this way by her mom's haters. 

Victoria Beckham posted a photo of herself kissing daughter Harper on the lips and some followers went crazy. 18

The star posted it to celebrate her little one's 5th birthday. "This is disgusting," wrote one follower


Reese Witherspoon was bullied for the breakfast she served her son 2-year-old Tennessee in 2015. 19

"Sugar and more sugar…oh, and one piece of fruit…That will definitely get the toddler moving,” wrote one person. Ouch! 

Aracely Arámbula was trying to get a picture with Nicky Jam for her boys. 20

She said her two sons with Luis Miguel are big fans of the reggaetonero and her fans criticized her for letting them listen to that genre of music. Oh, boy.