Jennifer Lopez's twins Max & Emme met Alex Rodriguez--is it too soon?

jlo and arodThings are heating up fast for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The famous twosome already took a luxury trip to the Bahamas and have been practically inseparable in Miami. J.Lo and A-Rod were recently spotted on a 3-hour date just last night. Word is that J.Lo's "coconuts" Max and Emme have already met the former pro baseball player. So, do they approve?


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jlo and a-rodJ.Lo and A-Rod were just spotted leaving a Miami gym together yesterday (photos above). Later on that evening, the couple went to Casa Tua restaurant and had a 3-hour dinner. You know sparks are flying when you aren't rushing to head back home and put on pajamas! It also shows that these two have an emotional connection that goes beyond the bedroom. 

These could lead to something more serious and there's no better proof than the fact that J.Lo's kids Max and Emme have already met A-Rod. "The twins like him which is a big reason she likes him," a source told UsWeekly. A-Rod and J.Lo also reportedly plan on introducing his daughters Ella and Natasha to the twins. 

Is it too soon? I certainly think so. I think kids should be introduced once you know the relationship is going to be more than a fling. Could they all become one big happy family? It sure looks that way for now. We know J.Lo isn't the greatest at casual relationships. She wants love and falls hard--fast. A-Rod may just be along for the ride, but he could be falling just as hard too. 

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