Alexa PenaVega shares her secret for her amazing post-baby body

alexa pena vegaAlexa PenaVega has been enjoying her biggest role of all--becoming a mother. The part Colombian star and husband Carlos welcomed her son Ocean back in December. The 28-year-old-star chatted with us about how motherhood changed her, how she got her amazing post-baby body and, because of a new partnership with Clorox, she even has some genius tips for keeping our homes safe and germ-free.


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MamásLatinas: Congrats on your beautiful baby boy! How has motherhood changed you? 

Alexa PenaVega: I'm obsessed! We still do everything that we did before Ocean was born. We still travel a whole bunch. We still live life. It has changed me in the sense that I'm so much more protective and aware. 

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ML: You recently shared a mom bod selfie and look incredible! How did you do it?

Alexa: Being a mom is a full-time job so I actually don't go to the gym to work out,  I do it at home with Ocean. Basically, I hold him and I'll do squats and he loves it. Also cleaning while holding your baby in a pouch is a great workout. 

ML: Have you changed your diet?

Alexa: Yes, I would say I used to eat a lot more junk. Now that I'm breastfeeding, I'm trying to be more mindful of my diet. I love sugar and I've cut it out because I know it's not healthy for us.  

ML: The baby has changed your life, workout routine, diet--what else has changed now that you're more protective?

Alexa: I was never into cleaning much. After [Ocean] was born, I became so much more aware of germs and bacteria. Clorox wipes are the best! I also use their Spring Vent Calendar that helps me with DIY home tips and ideas to make cleaning and tidying up more fun. anything that would be harmful to my son. When Clorox and I teamed up, I thought it was the most organic partnership. I wanted to make sure I was educated and prepared to make our home the safest place possible for Ocean.

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