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Kim Kardashian's firstborn daughter, North West, has been living her best life since 2013. The kid lives the royal life, filled with constant traveling, rocking $50K diamond earrings, and always dressing on point. Northie might be young, but she has already been exposed to the finer things in life and all the best things that money can buy.

At her age, she has modeled for the biggest magazines, walked runways, and worn clothes from the best designers, including those made by her dad, Kanye West. North has been wearing fur coats and designer threads since she was a baby, but now she's starting to display her own sense of style--and she's definitely killing the kids' fashion game. She's also been to Disneyland more times than we can even dream of, and her passport is probably almost full from all the places she has visited. When it comes to playing with makeup, those cheap kiddie makeup kits won't work, because she uses only her mom's KKW Beauty line. 


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But everybody knows that being a true diva isn't about the luxuries or the things you have. It's really all about the attitude. And Northie sure has it! As she gets older and we see her as a big sister to brother Saint and sister Chicago, we can tell that she's the one who makes the rules in the Kardashian-West household. Whatever she says, goes. She's not afraid to throw a tantrum when it comes to getting her way, and she most likely got that from her always-vocal dad. 

She has been known to demand photo shoots with her mom, she designs her own clothing line, she's asked to get a fresh blowout for her birthday, and she's even banned her little brother from going into her room. All these things show that she's truly a young diva in the making who never settles for less! Here are 33 pics that prove that although North might be young, she already lives life like a queen. 

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North visited her mom on the set of a photo shoot, but it wasn't your average "Bring Your Kid to Work" day. 1

Kim posted a series of photos of herself posing with her daughter in December 2018, and she shared in the caption that North had personally requested that they do a mommy-and-daughter photo shoot. This is definitely not how we spend time with our kids, but we would love to!


The Kardashian-West family were celebrating a birthday in this pic, but believe it or not, it wasn't North's. 2

North has no problem stealing the spotlight wherever she goes. She showed up at her brother Saint's birthday party in December 2018 decked out in a sparkly green outfit and boldly posed front and center for the family photo. Look at that sassy pose! 


North is already getting familiar with her mama's glam squad. 3

The little diva has no problem with requesting her mom's glam team to do her hair and makeup before an outing. We definitely were not getting our makeup professionally done at age 5.

A quick vacation to Bali is no big deal for this kiddo. 4

While most parents have to wait all year to take their kids on vacation, North just hops on a private jet to arrive at whatever lavish destination her family takes her to. The views in this pic from their trip to Bali are amazing.


She's already ready to kill the runway. 5

North made her runway debut in October 2018, and she absolutely nailed it. She modeled her cute outfit like a pro and walked better than most professional models we've seen.


She treats magazine photo shoots like they're a regular thing. 6

After you've been in Vogue as a baby in your diaper, nothing will ever really compare. North has appeared on the cover of Harper's Bazaar with her dad and Interview with her mom, and she also appeared in a Fendi campaign with Kim and her grandma Kris Jenner. She's a cover star in the making.


North wears fur jackets. 7

Regardless if it's real or faux, we're certain it's expensive. She's Kim Kardashian's daughter, after all. 

North models. 8

She models for her mom and dad's children's clothing line, Kids Supply, and gets to do it alongside her fashionista friends. 


She got a puppy for her fourth birthday. 9

It was a sweet gift from her mom. How adorable is this?

Her fashion is so on point. 10

Tell me this isn't a dope outfit! Not to mention the princess treatment from her daddy.


She got to meet former President Barack Obama. 11

You know you're living the lavish life when you get to chill with the former president of the United States. 

She gets to take family trips to Disneyland. 12

She gets to take family trips to Disneyland.

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Sure, everyday kids get to do this too, but we're pretty sure North gets that VIP treatment. 


This is North's reaction to her famous mom celebrating 100 million followers. 13

Simply adorable. "She has no clue what 100 million followers means but she's excited cause i'm excited lol thanks for the follows and the love," Kim wrote.

North knows how to handle a time-out, according to her famous mom. 14

"That time North gets a time out & is a little too quiet... I go in her room to check on her & she's in the bathroom, made her own spa & tells me she's chilling out," Kim wrote. She's all about that luxe life.


She represents her hometown of Calabasas, California, hard. 15

She paired this bomber jacket with a lace dress. A Kim-in-training? We think so.

North also wears a choker better than anyone in the family. 16

How many kids do you know stylishly rocking chokers like this?


She wears lipstick. 17

Kim put some dark lipstick on North, and she was the cutest little goth person you'll ever see.

She has her own customized makeup. 18

That's right--titi Kylie created custom makeup kits for her nieces Penelope and North. Now that's life!


North is officially a tooth collector. 19

Considering Kanye and Kim are her parents, we can't imagine how much cash she actually gets per tooth. 

North is all about long baths. 20

Kim posted the cutest pic of North having a glowing bath, and she looked so much like her mommy!


She wears expensive jewelry. 21

North was only a baby when her mom got her $50K diamond stud earrings. True story. 

She has a ton of sass. 22

Khloé shared this adorable photo of her niece rocking huge sunglasses. "Mood," she wrote. North gets it from her mama!


She loves that camera life. 23

Nori is clearly a pro at getting the camera's attention. Here she is after devouring chocolate pancakes. Too cute!

That time North was mean-mugging. 24

Don't be fooled by her cuteness. Nori will also show you some of the meanest grins. Watch out! 


She's a badass soccer player. 25

Kim Kardashian's daughter was already running the field and taking numbers as toddler. Go, girl! 

She's immune to paparazzi. 26

She's immune to paparazzi.

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By the time North was a toddler, she knew what it was like to be constantly followed by paparazzi. It's one of the many downsides of fame.


She owns the camera. 27

Nori's bestie is her cousin Penelope. And they've been taking the cutest pics together since they were toddlers. These little ladies are photogenic just like their mamas!

Disney life is practically real life for North. 28

Disney life is practically real life for North.

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The celebrity kid celebrated her second birthday at Disneyland and made sure to keep a smile on her face most of the time! We wouldn't be surprised if she gets the entire park shut down for her.


She's a ballerina with attitude. 29

She's a ballerina with attitude.

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No one looks cuter in a ballerina suit than North West. She sure has enough attitude to hit the stage. 

She's adorable even when she throws a tiny-tot tantrum. 30

Even when she's not in the mood to take a photo, North manages to pose perfectly. She's in the middle of a tantrum here, and we can all relate! 


Little Nori loves bubble baths. 31

The joy of taking a bubble bath is real! This is exactly how we react after a long day, too. Ahhhh! 

She owns Minnie Mouse face paint. 32

Her mom may be a pro at putting on makeup, but North knows how to rock a cute face-painting design. Lovely!


But at the end of the day, North is still a normal kid. 33

Who makes time to play footsies with her dad, Kanye West.