jennifer lopez and emme halloween
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On Halloween, Jennifer Lopez once again proved that she is all about Max and Emme. Just like your average mom, she helped her twins prep for the big day, even doing Emme's fox makeup herself, instead of calling in a professional like other celebrities of her means might.

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It's really no surprise though. Jennifer's devotion to her kids is always on display. In fact, she tears up often during interviews when the topic of her little ones comes up.

She adores her kids and her biggest priority in life is making sure her "Coconuts" are happy and getting as much time with mom as they need. Take a look at all of the times J.Lo has just been just like a mom on the block.

--With additional reporting by Sugey Palomares

She does her kids' makeup herself on Halloween 1

Jennifer could easily opt to hire her favorite makeup artist to deck her kids out on Halloween, but she keeps them grounded and creates lasting memories by painting their faces herself just like every other parent.


She shows off her twins' adorable Halloween costumes. 2

After she helps her kids get dressed for Halloween, Jennifer takes blurry snaps of the finished products and shares them with the world. Because she's proud of her "Coconuts" even when the lighting isn't perfect.


She doesn't take her family for granted. 3

In a recent interview with Today, J.Lo revealed, "I didn't have kids until later [in life]. I almost thought it wasn’t going to happen for me. I'm very aware I was blessed with that. It could have been something different," she said.

Sometimes she rocks shades, probably to hide her tired face. 4

Yep. We've all been there.


She spends her day off with Max and Emme. 5

When J.Lo is working that famous butt off, she's at home spending free time with her kids. "My idea of a Perfect afternoon... #snuggles #coconuts #LOVE," she wrote. 

She tried to keep her family together. 6

She tried to keep her family together.


In J.Lo's 2014 book True Love, she revealed that she did everything she could to keep her family together. In an interview, she called her split from Marc Anthony in 2011 "the biggest disappointment" of her life.  


She gets emotional about being a mom just like we do. 7

Video via YouTube

During her in-depth interview with People and EW's Editorial Director Jess Cagle, J.Lo got emotional about her twins. "They just made me realize ... what was real and what wasn't real," she said while tearing up. 

She takes her kids on the road. 8

She takes her kids on the road.


Jennifer's life is always on-the-go and her twins go with her most of the time. Here she is carrying her kids on a flight back in 2010. We do the same--just not on a private jet.


She's nurturing. 9

She's nurturing.


When J.Lo received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013, it was a family affair. Max and Emme, then 5, looked super bored and their mom totally tried to ease their pain. 

She honors her kids. 10

No matter how busy she is, J.Lo always clears her schedule to honor her kids. For their 8th birthday, she wrote, "You have brought me nothing but joy and happiness since the very second you were born. I am so proud of who you are and the beautiful loving caring people you are growing into." Yep, that's us too.


She encourages quality time with abuela. 11

She encourages quality time with abuela.


Jennifer doesn't let the nannies do all of the work. She made sure her mom Guadalupe came to Australia with them in 2012 to spend quality time with the twins. Abuelas are so important!

She takes pride in being a single mom. 12

Jennifer has no issues with dishing about the hardships that come with being a single mom and she's proud of her biggest role. "It's just like any single working mom's plight…it's a juggling act and you just do the best you can," she told E! in 2012. 


She encourages silliness. 13

She encourages silliness.


The Latina star encourages the twins to stretch out their funny bones. "Max is hilarious and Emme is pretty much a joker," Lopez revealed in an interview in March 2016. 

She gets on rides. 14

She gets on rides.


The Latina celebrity loves taking her kids Max and Emme to Disney. Here she is on a ride with her daughter in 2013. This is average mom life for sure!


She works hard for her family. 15

She works hard for her family.


Jennifer works hard for her little ones. Whether she's on stage or acting in a series, she's making her own just like we are.