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It's hard to believe how quickly Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's son, Saint West, is growing. The little one was born on December 5, 2015, and he has only gotten cuter with the passing of the years. Seeing how big he has gotten is proof of how fast time flies! In fact, every time his mom shares a new pic of him on social media it makes our heart melt to see him getting taller and his curly hair getting longer. This cutie is also a big brother already and is doing the best job at showing love to his little siblings, Saint and Psalm. 

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Kim often talks about how sweet and gentle of a soul he is, and even slipped up and said he is one of her "favorite" humans--and we totally don't blame her. Look at those cheeks and smile! The little one shares so many similarities with his dad and looks so much like the rapper used to when he was a baby. He looks so adorable and hilarious in the videos Kim shares online and we can tell he's quite a handful--but he is still the cutest kiddo. Here's a look at some of the most adorable, aww-provoking pictures of Saint West!

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Saint turned 4 in December 2019. 1

Kim shared the freaking cutest pic of her son on his birthday and the most heartfelt message. "I have no words to describe how much I love your smile and those curls of yours Saint! You bring so much joy into my soul. You are so kind, loving and just so thoughtful and sweet! I am so happy today if your 4th birthday and We get to celebrate how much you’ve grown! Happy birthday my sweet sweet Sainty," she captioned the post. "(When I say to him my sweet sweet Sainty, he says back to me my sweet sweet sweet sweet Momma, the best momma in the world and the only momma I ever want! HOW CAN YOU NOT MELT AT HIS SWEETNESS)"

He's the cutest beach boy. 2

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O 💙M 💙 G 💙

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This pic of Sainty having the best time at the beach is really so sweet. His little braids and that smile are so adorable.


Kim shared this pic in June 2018. 3

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My favorite boy

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Kim shared this pic in 2018 with the caption, "My favorite boy." She has since welcomed another son, Psalm, so she won't be able to say this anymore, but Saint held that title for a few years--and with good reason. His little man bun is to die for! Gotta protect those curls while swimming in the pool. 

He loves his cuddles with his mom. 4

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Forever my snuggle bug

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Look at that hair! He looks so angelic while taking a nap with his mamá. "Forever my snuggle bug," she captioned the post. 

Sainty loves a good selfie. 5

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He loves it just as much as he loves candy! The little one is a pro at snapping cute selfies with his mom and they always look adorable together. 


Saint loves to take pics with his siblings, too. 6

"Saint said he’s gonna pretend to sleep with his brother. He always wants a pic to capture every moment. You have no idea how sweet my boys are!" Kim captioned this post. 


He looked like such a big boy in this pic. 7

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My whole heart ♥️

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He looked so grown up in this pic Kim shared in February 2019. This pic is further proof that this little one really loves candy.

You can't get any cuter than this. 8

There is something so precious about Sainty's smile! He smiles just like his dad but paired with that hair full of curls, he is so lovable. 


Why so serious, Sainty? 9

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My little man 👼🏾

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This pic of Saint from September 2018 is so cool. Kim used some kind of filter to take the photo and it made him look like a real-life doll. 

Saint is all about that playground life. 10

We're telling you, it's only a matter of time before he moves on to bike riding without the training wheels. 


Saint loves himself some candies. 11

Kim posted this picture of Saint eating some candy on Instagram. Check out that cute temporary tattoo on his arm!

Saint West is the cutest in cornrows. 12

 Kim captioned the photo: "Mommy & son day today." Awww. We really can't get enough of this sweet pic. 


That wasn't the first time we saw Saint in cornrows. 13

Back when he was younger, he was spotted out with Kim and rocking the adorable style. 

Saint loves taking a ride with the fam. 14

He looks like such a beautiful blend of both Kim and Kanye in this picture. Look at those adorable Gerber baby lips!


Saint is clearly one of Kim's favorite people. 15

She posted this cutesy pic of her with her grandmother and Saint and captioned it: "Some of my fave people." So sweet!

Because Saint has the cutest cheeks. Obviously! 16

Kim posted a pic to Twitter of Saint in a high chair looking all kinds of cute. “Look at his cheeks and angry face,” she captioned the photo. 


Saint is still confused by Snapchat. 17

He’s obviously too young to appreciate Snapchat the way his older sister North does, but man does he look cute in all those filters. 

Saint is always stylish. 18

He can rock a red jumpsuit like no other.


When Kim steps out with her kids, it's always a stylish outing. 19

When Kim steps out with her kids, it's always a stylish outing.

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Just look at them styling in the cold weather. 

They were such a cute little family. 20

Look at Saint's adorable little face. This was back before Psalm and Chicago joined the family.


He has his mamá's big eyes. 21

And his dad's pouty lips and button nose. 

Baby Saint was having a blast while on vacation with his sister and mom in Mexico. 22

Baby Saint was having a blast while on vacation with his sister and mom in Mexico.

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Just look at that little smirk!


When Saint was still a newborn, Kim took this family selfie. 23

We love everything about this picture. From Saint's cute little newborn face to North looking all kinds of cute in the background. 

Saint was looking super cute while strolling in Tribeca, New York. 24

Saint was looking super cute while strolling in Tribeca, New York.


He looked so curious and aware. 


While out in New York City, Baby Saint was the center of attention for the paparazzi. 25

While out in New York City, Baby Saint was the center of attention for the paparazzi.


Can you blame them? Look at that face!

Kim loves posting pictures and videos of Saint on Snapchat. 26

Here's a still image of an adorable snap Kim posted once of him smiling and giggling. 


On July 10, 2016, Kim shared this sweet Snapchat of her son. 27

Those cheeks look perfect for kissing! 

When Saint was 6 months old, Kim shared this photo of her adorable son. 28

Now that is one cute baby! He looked so much like Kim when he was younger. 


Kim didn't post a lot of pics of Saint starting off, but the ones she did were everything. 29

"You're the sun in my morning babe," she captioned the photo. 

For Father's Day 2016, Kim shared this beach pic of the family. 30

In part, she wrote, "I couldn't ask for a better husband and more perfect family."


In December 2015, Saint West was welcomed into the world. 31

Proud Kim shared this reveal photo along with his name in caps as her caption. 

Here's a photo of Saint holding older sister North's finger. 32

Kim confessed that North was a bit jealous of her little brother at first, but that didn't last long. The star shared this sweet photo with the caption, "She said, 'He's my best friend.'"