William Levy and daughter
William Levy/Instagram

Dads are so important in a little girl's life. Moms are important to their children, but fathers have a significant impact on their daughters. Seeing dads be absolutely smitten with their little ones is the most heartwarming thing ever, and that's the case for so many of our favorite celebrities.

No matter how tough they seem on the exterior, these guys turn to mush when they're around their daughters. And who can blame them? Children can destroy every armor you may have with just one look. Alex Rodríguez has rebranded himself for not just being one of the most famous Yankees players to ever live, but now he's also known as Ella and Natasha's dad--and he's so darn proud of that role!

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These famous dads go to great lengths to make their girls smile, even if it means looking a little silly. Remember when Marc Anthony let his daughter, Emme, paint his nails? Or when Enrique Iglesias made a fool of himself just to hear his baby Lucy laugh? That's what fatherhood does to a man and it's the sweetest thing in the world. 

It is through their fathers' love that these girls will learn what unconditional love and protection are supposed to look like, so a great father is always someone worth admiring. Take a look at some of our favorite famous dads who share really special and strong bonds with their little girls. 

--Additional reporting by Alicia Civita

This little lady is the light of Ricky Martin's eyes. 1

In early August 2019, Ricky Martin posted the first photo of his daughter Lucia on social media. He captioned it: "La luz de mis ojos #Lucia."



Offset can't resist smooching on Kulture. 2

Hip-hop artist Offset is used to fans fawning all over him, but when he's around his daughter Kulture, he's the one doing all the fawning. He posted this picture of his baby girl--whose mommy is Cardi B--shortly before her first birthday and wrote, "MY KULTURE IS GETTING SO BIG 1 IN A MONTH U BEAUTIFUL BLESSING FROM GOD #daddysgirl I LOVE YOU."


Lorenzo Méndez with Queen Chiquis and Princess Victoria. 3

Chiquis Rivera posted this #FlashBackFriday pic with her hubby Lorenzo Méndez and his daughter Victoria. Everyone in the pic is beaming and Victoria obviously got the royal Jasmine treatment at Disneyland.

Travis Scott has taken to fatherhood in such a beautiful way. 4

Behold Travis Scott pretending to sleep with Stormi, his daughter with Kylie Jenner. He captioned this post: "The day mommy made me a daddy I couldn’t wait to spend everyday with u to conquer this planet 👨‍👩‍👧⚡️🦋🔥"


Rob Kardashian celebrates being a father. 5

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna welcomed their daughter Dream into the world on November 10, 2016. On Father's Day 2019, Rob posted this throwback photo of Dream and wrote, "Happy Father's Day to me."


Marc Anthony was congratulating Gente de Zona for their success at Premio Lo Nuestro. 6

But it was Emme painting his nails that was the best part about the whole post. So cute!


Being a dad is Alex Rodriguez's favorite job. 7

The athlete is constantly sharing photos of his girls, Ella and Natasha, and he constantly keeps them laughing with his silly dad jokes. 

William Levy has dates with his baby, Kailey. 8

"Yeah... it's official!! This is how my New Year starts, drooling 🤤 over my princess 👸 @kaileylevy19 Can't help it. She's too f*cking beautiful !!!!," he wrote about his daughter with Elizabeth Gutiérrez.



Juanes has two princesses. 9

"TBT with the eyes of my life," he wrote on Instagram when he posted this old photo of his daughters Luna and Paloma.

Alejandro Sanz loves his little girl with his entire soul. 10

His baby girl, Alma, is the cutest thing ever and the singer just glows when he's around her.


Enrique Iglesias doesn't mind being silly to make his daughter laugh. 11

Enrique Iglesias was willing to drink some lake water to make his baby girl, Lucy, laugh. If that's not love, I don't know what is. 

James Rodriguez became a dad at a young age. 12

James welcomed his daughter, Salome, when he was just 21 years old, but now the adorable little girl is the center of his world.


Jaime Camil has a special bond with baby Elena. 13

Look at what he posted: "The @childrensla is in shortage of all blood types, today I went to donate with my daughter Elena (I'm afraid of needles so she held my hand 😱💉) Please visit http://chladonateblood.org or call 323-361-2441 and make an appointment 🙌🏼🎉�."

Carlos Vives is so proud of his girls. 14

The singer is a dad to Lucy and Elena and is constantly bragging about his two girls. They're both incredibly talented and have an ear for music like their famous dad.


Eugenio Derbez's daughters are the best. 15

At least that's what he says all the time. Here he is with Aitana and Aislinn. They look so much like him, don't you think?

Daddy Yankee and his kid are just too cool. 16

The reggaetonero shares such a great relationship with his kids, including his gorgeous daughter, Jesaeelys.  


We seriously cannot get enough of the love between Toni Costa and his little girl. 17

Toni's daughter with Adamari Lopez, Alaïa, is the cutest kid around. Not only that but the love she has for her dad is so clear, it absolutely melts our hearts every time we see them on social media. 

Genesis Rodriguez adores her dad, Jose Luis 'El Puma' Rodriguez. 18

And the love is mutual.


Mario Lopez spends a lot of time with his baby girl, Gia. 19

The ET host goes out of his way to hang out with his baby...even if it  means using her as a weight at the gym.

Emilio Estefan adores his daughter, Emily. 20

Not only was she named after her famous dad, but Emily also has a deep love and admiration for him. She shared a sweet Instagram video of their cutest moments together for Father's Day 2018, and captioned it: "Thank you for teaching me that women can do anything men can. Thank you for teaching me to accept the journey of life and all of the things that come along with it.. and that 'no matter what size a heart is, it's still a heart.'"


Raul de Molina is all about his daughter, Mia. 21

Real El Gordo y La Flaca fans can remember how excited Raul was when his daughter, Mia, was born. He's constantly gushing about her on social media and documented how sad they both were when she was moving to Washington D.C. for college in 2018. So cute!

Alejandro Fernández's twins are 18 years old. 22

Alejandro Fernández's twins are 18 years old.

Alejandro Fernández/Instagram

But to him his hijas will always be his little girls. He travels with them and gives them all his support.


Roberto Tapia had a big night on his career. 23

The Mexican American singer filled the Microsoft Center in Los Angeles. And while he was excited, the best moment, according to his own words on Instagram, was when his daughter Victoria showed up on stage.

Gabriel Soto's daughters with Geraldine Bazán are adorable. 24

"My two little angels 👼🏼 👼🏼 #mishijas #lasamoconlocura #soblessed," he wrote. He is blessed and lucky. Elisse Marie and Miranda Alexa are lovely.



Pedro Moreno's daughter Alexandra is 12 years old. 25

Although she is not his biological daughter, he treats her as such, which is double special.

For Aaron Díaz, his daughters are the center of his world. 26

The Quantico star adores his girls, Erin and Regina, and shares many of  their moments together on social media.