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Shakira may have a lot going on, but her best and most important job is being a mother. Her sons, Milan and Sasha, have grown up right before our eyes. Since they were born, the Colombian pop star has managed to balance her job and family life like a pro. 

The "Clandestino" singer gave birth to her first boy, Milan, on January 22, 2013, and his little brother, Sasha, followed two years later on January 29, 2015. Since then, the couple has been generous with sharing photos and videos of their babies and giving fans a glimpse of how beautiful their life together is. There are adorable photos of the two boys at rehearsals for their mom's tours; at soccer matches cheering on their dad, Gerard Piqué; and at one of their many tennis lessons.

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Both parents keep their boys involved in each of their careers, and we've seen Milan and Sasha join their mom on tour and absolutely have a blast. It's been so great to see how much love they have in their eyes when they watch their superstar mom hit the stage. While Shakira has millions of fans around the world, we're sure that having her two angels in the crowd means everything to her. 

Shaki has already been teaching her kids to speak multiple languages like she does, they play tons of sports like their dad, and the two brothers just seem so intelligent and totally funny. They most definitely take after their talented parents, and it's been such a joy to watch the two gorgeous kids grow. The family of four are absolutely the cutest when they're together, and seeing the singer look so happy with her kids is priceless. Here are our favorite family moments of Shakira and her sons. 

We can't help but love this family. 1

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They make such a beautiful family and it's incredible to see how much the kids look like each of their parents. We love seeing them so smiley and happy.


Shakira shared the most precious throwback pic. 2

In March 2019 she posted a throwback photo of her beau and their baby boy enjoying some time in the ocean. "To remember is to live. Dad with Sashi!!⁣" she captioned it.


They look like such a happy family! 3

The family posed for a cute portrait together at the end of 2018 and looked adorable. Sasha's smile might actually be the sweetest thing ever!

Dad and his boys had a wild and fun time. 4

Gerard and the kiddos got down and dirty during a fun day enjoying the outdoors. There's nothing like having fun with your little ones!


Sasha is a big boy now! 5

Shakira shared the most precious pic of her little boy looking super stylish in a denim outfit. "My baby is growing up so fast," she captioned the pic in March 2019. 


Gerard shared this fun pic of the two brothers having a blast. 6

They look so grown up in this pic!


They're little rock stars, too. 7

The boys had their concert outfits ready for one of their mom's shows. They have the most beautiful and shiny hair ever!

They had a fun day with dad at the races. 8

Sasha and Milan hung out with racecar driver Lewis Hamilton in May 2018.


The life of a superstar mom 9

The boys slept on her lap while their superstar mom was on her way to headline a concert at the O2 in London in June 2018. These kids must have no clue about what a big deal their mamá is yet!

Shakira doesn't let her boys forget their roots! 10

They might've been born in Spain like their daddy, but Shakira doesn't let Milan and Sasha forget that they have sangre Colombiana flowing through their veins, too. During the World Cup in June 2018, the singer posted a photo of her babies wearing the team's jersey prior to her hometeam's match against Japan. 


Milan is his mom's No. 1 cheerleader. 11

Shak posted the cutest photo of her firstborn holding a poster that said "I love you" at one of her concerts in Los Angeles, California, in August 2018.

The family made sure to make Halloween very special in 2015. 12

The Piqué Mebarak family dressed up as the famous Spanish mouse Topo Gigio for Halloween in 2015. This is so adorable!


Here's Shakira in 2016 at the Los40 Music Awards with her entire family. 13

Milan, Sasha, and Gerard Piqué got to walk the red carpet and enjoy the show. The kids also got to watch their mom win best song for "Bicicleta."

Sasha and Milan spend quality time with their dad. 14

What a sweet moment! I'm sure Shakira's heart was melting, too. This pic was taken in May 2015, just months after Sasha was born. So cute!


The pop star is raising her sons to be future soccer fans. 15

The pop star is raising her sons to be future soccer fans.

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Milan and Sasha were enjoying cheering on their dad during a Spain vs. Italy match in 2016. Shakira looks pretty intense! 

Here's another photo of the family enjoying a game at the soccer stadium. 16

Here's another photo of the family enjoying a game at the soccer stadium.

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The Colombian singer took her kids to the Camp Nou in Barcelona in 2015 to cheer on their dad. They look totally into it!


The kids supporting their mom is the CUTEST! 17

This video Shakira posted might just be the SWEETEST moment ever to exist. The singer was onstage at one of her shows in 2018 when she gave a shout-out to her boys, who were in the audience to watch her concert for the first time ever. The kids both waved at their mamá from the sidelines while she blew kisses at them. 

Shakira is all about the simple moments with her boys. 18

You can tell she's super involved in parenting Sasha and Milan. She shared a pic holding her two boys in December 2015 and captioned it, "At the Meiji Shrine, in 2012 I made two wishes and they came true!"


Shakira's totally affectionate with her boys. 19

She had her arms tightly wrapped around her babies in this pic from October 2015. I mean, aren't we all guilty of smothering just a little? 


Milan got to attend another award show with his cool parents in 2015. 20

Milan got to attend another award show with his cool parents in 2015.

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Shakira and Gerard took him to the Premios de la Federació Catalana de Fútbol in 2015. He cleans up pretty nicely!


Gerard & Shak were on parent duty at an event. 21

Gerard & Shak were on parent duty at an event.

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The couple attended the Estrella Catalan Sports Awards in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2016, and they brought their boys along with them. They both sweetly tended to each kid during the event, 

The singer proudly showed off her baby. 22

The singer proudly showed off her baby.

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Shakira was all smiles walking around NYC in 2015 while holding little Sasha in her arms. He's so tiny!


The time Sasha rocked a jersey representing his dad 23

The time Sasha rocked a jersey representing his dad

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Go team! Shak and baby Sasha supported Gerard at the UEFA finals in Berlin, Germany, in June 2015. They're just more precious as time goes on.

Milan is also just as perfect. 24

Milan is also just as perfect.

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Here he was with his famous mom at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final in Brazil. 


Sasha's first Christmas 25

He posed with his daddy for the lovely occasion in December 2015. They look like twins!

Shakira loves to show her children the power of music. 26

Sasha was touching the guitar in this Instagram photo his mom posted in April 2016, and he seemed so into it! Adorable. 


The family had some Easter fun! 27

The soccer star got in on the action while decorating Easter eggs with his kids--and things got messy!

While Shakira was still expecting, they played in the snow with Milan. 28

While Shakira was still expecting, they played in the snow with Milan.

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They all seemed to be having a blast during a family outing in Girona, Spain, in 2014. 


Their family vacations may include paparazzi, but they don't pay attention. 29

Their family vacations may include paparazzi, but they don't pay attention.

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Shakira and Gerard were photographed with their family in Ibiza in 2016. What a dream vacation, no?

A family moment while on break 30

A family moment while on break

Image via The Grosby Group

Shakira and Gerard work hard, but they also enjoy taking time off with Sasha and Milan. 



What a lovely big boy Sasha is growing up to be! 31

It feels like yesterday that he was just born! Sasha arrived in January 2015, and the little boy was already up and running in May 2016.

Sasha is so cute that you have to do a double take. 32

He was dressed in yellow in this snap from April 2016--and looking cuter than ever.


They're soccer stars like their dad. 33

Gerard shared a video of his boys playing soccer on his Instagram story, and it's just so cute to see them in their little jerseys.

Shakira is teaching her son Sasha to care about world education as much as she does. 34

"Mommy, I also want education for all children around the world!! It's time for change! Not a moment to lose!!" she wrote in September 2015. It's never too early to care!


Sasha's smile and beautiful eyes are everything! 35

In August 2015, young Sasha showed us he is a natural in front of the camera.

This is what Sasha looked like at 5 months old. 36

Sasha celebrated turning 5 months old in June 2015. Don't you just want to grab those cheeks?