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Mom-shamers are everywhere these days, especially on our social media feeds. Maybe it's a Facebook friend who posts nonstop about how healthy her kids eat and without realizing makes other moms feel bad about their not-so-healthy choices. Or it's more direct, like when someone comments negatively on pictures about your choices with your kids (what they're not wearing, how they're sitting wrong, etc.). Celebrity moms know a lot about this.

As much as non-celeb moms are mom-shamed in different ways, celebs are under more scrutiny, are more visible and are questioned left and right about their choices. Can you imagine living your life under a microscope like that? It's probably much more annoying!


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Remember when Chrissy Teigen was blasted for the way she was holding her then 6-month-old daughter, Luna? She fired back with the best response ever. Jennifer Lopez has also experienced mom-shaming. In 2016, she revealed she was criticized for home-schooling her kids. Whoa!

Unfortunately, Christy and J.Lo are not the only ones. Check out some other celeb moms who have been shamed and dragged for their parenting choices. Some people have been so ruthless and unfair to them. But these celebs' I- don't-GAF-attitudes totally inspire us! We learned a thing or two about handling the haters.



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