Mom beats daughter on Facebook Live & it's disgusting

Parenting with an iron fist has never looked uglier. A Georgia mom posted a Facebook Live showcasing herself beating and verbally abusing her teen daughter. No matter what kind of mom struggles you have, this is taking it too far. The viral video has had more than 30,000 views and it's going to leave you enraged. 


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Please note that the video is extremely graphic. In the clip, the mother accuses her 16-year-old of posting inappropriate photos on Facebook and having intercourse in their home. You can tell the parent is frustrated and has reached a breaking point. The session lasts almost 5 minutes, and in part, she says, "Get your grades up in school before you think about opening your legs."

This is all going down on her daughter's Facebook page, and it seems like her mom is taking pleasure in embarrassing her. "Look at you, everyone sees you now," she screams while her daughter is pressed against a corner covering her face. At one point, she encourages people to make it viral and proclaims, "I'm not done." 

This is a mom who is clearly fed up, but bullying your child like this can't have positive results. She's opening the door for her kid to be bullied at school for this and it may cause the teen to become even more deviant. In the video post, the mom ends up commenting later and shares her side of the story: 

"I love my daughter with all my heart. Whatever happens after this, oh well, my daughter is not going to disrespect me or herself for nobody--lesson learned."

It seems like the mom needs to learn a lesson too. It's easier to raise a fist than it is to really understand where your child is coming from. My advice would be to get off Facebook and go to therapy together. That could have more long-lasting results than a recorded public beating. 

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