'Teen Mom' star admits she's drunk in appalling video featuring her daughter

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham gravitates towards controversy. The Teen Mom alum was in the headlines just last week for posting provocative photos of her daughter Sophia. Now, she posted a Fourth of July video with the caption, "drunk," while also featuring a shot alongside her kid. Should she be mom-shamed for this? Look at the video yourself. 


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The clip starts off with cute Sophia shouting out, "Happy Fourth of July," with her mom. Then Abraham shows more clips of her partying with friends and drinking. Something about this just doesn't sit well with me. Yes, moms are allowed to let loose every once in a while and drink. 

The issue is that this comes just days after she was blasted for her daughter's sexy bikini photoshoot. Abraham has also starred in sexual video tapes, aired out her dysfunctional family dynamic and continues to make poor parenting choices for all of us to see.

It's important to note that the video doesn't show whether Sophia was with her mom when she got tipsy. For all we know maybe a sober friend was watching over the 25-year-old's daughter. 

This isn't just a small slip up, but instead it feels like something that child protective services should investigate. Is this child in a healthy environment? Judging from the outside, something seems off.

What I do know is that this is a perfect example why teens shouldn't get pregnant and start a family so young. 

Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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