Woman delivers 12-pound baby naturally & you HAVE to see him

pregnancyThey don't call it labor for nothing! Giving birth is one of the toughest jobs out there, and delivering a 12-pound baby is even harder. A British woman named Charlotte Hawthorn recently gave birth to one of the largest babies to be born naturally in the UK. Her son Rory came in weighing 12 pounds, 7 ounces. You'll never guess how long it took her to give birth to her child! 


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Baby Rory is adorable! Hawthorn was induced on May 3rd and the labor process reportedly took a total of 7 hours. Now that's pretty crazy! My son weighed about 8 pounds when I delivered him last October and welcoming him to this world took 19 hours. This woman definitely delivered her baby like a boss and she should be proud of herself. 

Even the medical staff was surprised by her baby's massive size. What's so funny is that baby Rory didn't fit into the newborn clothes that Hawthorn packed for him. They had to rush out and buy bigger clothing for the little one to wear. "Nobody could believe I had really just pushed him out myself. He looked like a giant, bless him," said Hawthorn to The DailyMail

We can't believe it either! Just like all moms out there, I'm sure she believes that all of the pain was worth it in the long run. It really always is. 

Images via iStock, Charlotte Hawthorn/Facebook

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