momIf you're up for the role of being a present and devoted mom, it could be one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs of your life. The latest, "Raising An Athlete" campaign from P&G shows just how powerful it can be to pass down hope and confidence in your child. This is one of the most touching videos I've seen in a while and it got me to reflect on my role as a new mom. 


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In the clip above, Olympic sprinter and three-time gold medalist Allyson Felix's mom Marlean talks about the importance of motivating her child even during her failures. "Presenting that picture of hope each time, I think is what helps her to get her strength back and to see that, 'Yes I can do this again and I'm going to go for it,'" she says. 

Keeping a positive spirit is a family trait and a gift that has been passed down from generations. Often, we say, "estamos en la lucha" in our family, which means, "we're in the struggle." Life has challenges, but your loved ones form part of that journey and lift you up. Even during those devastating moments that hit you to the core, you know that you're loved and supported. 

That strength was passed down to me by strong maternal figures in my life. From my grandmother to my mom and tías--all of them gave me the strength to pull through. I plan on passing that same spirit down to my son. We're "en la lucha" together--now, forever and always.  

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