There's no greater joy than becoming a mother. With it comes plenty of devotion and sacrifice and the latest "Thank You Mom" campaign from P&G depicts just how powerful that love can truly be. The new video showcases moms of real-life Olympians and how they supported their children as they pursued their dreams and those coveted medals. Beware, this one is a super tear-jerker! 


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The clip begins with gymnast Simone Biles escaping from a tornado as a young child. Her mom grips her by the arm and pulls her to safety. Then it flashes to the present time and shows the 19-year-old world champion preparing to take the floor. As the commercial progresses, you see other Olympian athletes in vulnerable life-altering situations, and their mothers are there as their strength to get through it all.  

As a new mom, I'm deeply touched by these scenes. My son is almost 6 months old and we recently enrolled him in swimming lessons. Each week, I watch him cry at the beginning of the class. Inside, I'm a nervous and anxious wreck, but I want to reflect peace, positivity and encouragement. While I'm a tense ball of nerves, I smile, talk to him and whisper, "You're my little starfish, now kick, kick, kick!"

By the end of class, I notice a more calm and confident baby in the water. I leave with a deep sense of accomplishment. He's one step closer to being his own champion and there's nothing more I wish for him in life. My son and I--we're a team and I plan on sharing a lifetime of milestones with him. 

Now I understand the faces of these mothers. They get to live the glory of watching their child compete on the world's stage. You feel each ounce of pride, love and pure joy that comes from watching your child beat the odds and live their dream. The video ends with the slogan, "It takes someone strong to make someone strong." That says it all. 

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