SEE: Mom dresses baby like sexy doll & haters need to calm down

babyBaby Mya Byrne has more than 100,000 Instagram followers and shows no signs of stopping. Her 20-year-old mom Ammy McIndewar dresses her infant daughter in handmade sexy clothing "just for fun." Is her look too racy? Some haters think so and they should seriously calm down. 


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Baby Mya is the cutest baby fashionista I've ever seen. This floral jumpsuit with a matching headband is simply adorable! As a caption, her mom wrote, "When your skinny minnie has better clothes than you do." She has better clothes than I do too! I think there are babies that are overly sexualized by their parents and society, but this is not one of those cases. Mya is seen rocking cute outfits, but none of them are too racy. 

What's the issue here? This baby is a star before her 1st birthday. People need to stop judging and show some love. Why should this baby or her mom be bullied? Her mom posts outfits that are handmade by designers who promote their clothes on Instagram. Now that's another plus! 

Ammy also enrolled her daughter in "the cutest baby competition." There are 10 days left, so baby Mya's fame may just be beginning! 

Image via Amy McIndewars/Facebook

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