Coco Austin shows off baby Chanel wearing heels & it's disturbing (PHOTO)

coco austin daughterCoco Austin is raising her 3-month-old daughter Chanel to be a diva in training. The curvy celebrity mom loves dressing her daughter up in tutus and proper princess attire, including pink little heels. Yes, heels. The photo, in which she references her daughter as "sleeping beauty," is simultaneously the cutest and most disturbing photo I've seen all day. Take a look for yourself. 


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Long day for my sleeping beauty. ... Shoes- @peeweepumps Tutu set- @bowtiesandtutusboutique

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Baby Chanel is seen posing, or more like passed out, in a pink "Chanel" t-shirt (obvi!) and a matching tutu. Her mother finished off the look with pink Mary Jane heels. Her Instagram fans, which consist of 1.9 million followers, love the look and posted positive comments. 

Here's where they differ from me--I hate everything about princess culture. I hope baby Chanel grows up to be a Tom Boy and dumps her toy heels for some basketball sneakers. There's nothing wrong with loving girly stuff and princesses, but why on earth would you push those limiting gender norms on your child? In a society where we oversexualize girls at such a young age, why would you encourage that even more with heels?!

Yes, I judge her decision. What's next? A baby pink thong? At the same time, I'm pretty sure Austin doesn't believe she's causing her daughter any harm. She previously told E!, "She's like my little doll. This is my very first doll ever because I never owned a doll in my life and this is my real-life doll." This is the celebrity model's way of bonding with her little one. 

"In these pictures, you can see how much love I have for her," she added. In the end, isn't that all that matters? 

Image via Coco Austin/Instagram

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