barbie newThe Barbie doll has gotten a much-needed makeover--and I'm not talking about her outfit. Mattel has launched three new Barbie dolls that break the mold of the traditional bodytype we all associate with the iconic doll. Now Barbie comes in petite, curvy and tall sizes. The doll, which also comes in the original body size, also includes 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors, and 24 hairstyles. Check out her new looks, along with seven other Barbie muñecas that we love.

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--With additional reporting by Giselle Castro

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Curvy Barbie 1

Curvy Barbie

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Barbie now looks like a healthy woman with curves! The head of the brand, Evelyn Mazzocco, explains, “Yes, some people will say we are late to the game. But changes at a huge corporation take time.” We say better late than never! 


Tall Barbie 2

Tall Barbie

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Barbie lovers also have a tall version to pick from. She's definitely fabulous and standing tall with confidence. 


Petite Barbie 3

Petite Barbie

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Short girls, rejoice! The Petite Barbie is also a new addition and she's perfect! 

Bald Barbie 4

Bald Barbie

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The Bald and Beautiful Barbie was made thanks to cancer patient Jane Bingham of Mantua N.J, who created a Facebook page advocating the creation of a bald Barbie that went viral. Her message was heard loud and clear, as Mattel now makes the doll, but made it available exclusively to hospitals.


Presidential Barbie 5

Presidential Barbie

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'I can be president' Barbie inspires girls all over that they too can be in the Oval Office som eday! What an awesome message for our girls!


Drag Queen Barbie 6

Drag Queen Barbie

Image via Mattel

In 2012, this fierce and controversial Barbie was claiming her place in the spotlight. This diva deserves all of the attention she gets. 


Hunger Games Barbie 7

Hunger Games Barbie

Image via Mattel

Hunger Games fans get to bring out their inner warrior with this Katniss doll. She's pretty badass! 

Olympian Barbie 8

Olympian Barbie

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In honor of the 2012 Summer Olympics, Barbie dressed up as a gymnast and dons a cool gold medal--of course!


Paso Doble Barbie 9

Paso Doble Barbie

Image via Mattel

Dancing with the Stars fans will love this Paso Doble Barbie. Now if only she could do the real dance too!

Wonder Woman Barbie 10

Wonder Woman Barbie

Image via Mattel

Wonder Woman Barbie will help you get in touch with your inner superhero--and she's inspired by our very own superhero, Latina Lynda Carter!