gross things babies put in their mouths

One of the first things you discover as a parent is that babies will shove just about anything into those cute little pie holes of theirs. You constantly have to be on the lookout to make sure they aren't licking, chewing or ingesting something they shouldn't be. Am I right? Click through to see just the tip of the iceberg of some of the gross things babies put in their mouth. 

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Image via Thinkstock

Rash cream 1

Rash cream

Image via jessica_natasha_/Instagram

Silly baby, rash cream is for rashes! It's not to rub all over your body and put in your mouth. Yucky! 


Magazines 2


Image via daddiesbabies/Instagram

I don't know about you, but I would rather look at a magazine than eat it. 


Unpeeled oranges 3

Unpeeled oranges

Image via molly_e_dunham/Instagram

They'll bite into a dirty unpeeled orange and leave a cute little happy face bite mark on it before giving up. 

Their feet 4

Their feet

Image via eat12_2006/Instagram

I hope I don't need to tell you that no matter how flexible you are, you should NOT stick your feet in your mouth. 


Glass doors 5

Glass doors

Image via courts92/Instagram

Some babies think glass doors are for licking. They are not. 


Dirt 6


Image via wearingtwins/Instagram

I hope that is organic dirt. 


Mocos 7


Image via overtiredmommy/Instagram

Once they figure out how to stick their fingers up their nose the next logical step is to stick those moco-covered fingers in their mouth. 

Markers 8


Image via socalfitnessmama/Instagram

You would think that scribbling on the walls and their own faces would be enough for toddlers or babies, but nope they like to put the markers in their mouths, too. 


Ketchup straight from the bottle 9

Ketchup straight from the bottle

Image via becahamilton/Instagram

This kid is hitting the ketchup bottle pretty hard, don't you think? ¡Sin vergüenza!

Dirty socks 10

Dirty socks

Image via leann1125/Instagram

When's the last time you snacked on some calcetines