kim kardashianKim Kardashian surprised her fans by showing her face during a live stream on her app on Thursday night. Although she connected with her followers a couple of times on social media since the birth of her second baby, son Saint, this was the first time the reality TV star actually was in front of the camera. Her look was unexpected. Keep reading and you'll see what I mean ...

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Image via Splash

Kim Kardashian live streaming 1

Although she live streamed herself making cupcakes with North and talking abut fitness and weight goals with Caitlyn Jenner before, this was the first time Kim actually showed her face.


Totally made over 2

Although she was complaining because the image was too washed out, the audience could see very clearly that Kim was professionally made up. Her braid was perfect and she even had false eye lashes. I must say, though, that she looked great.


Her talk with Caitlyn Jenner 3

Her talk with Caitlyn Jenner

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim streamed Caitlyn Jenner's visit and admited that she put on 60 pounds during her pregnancy. She was happy to share she had already lost 17, though.

The birth certificate 4

The birth certificate

Image via TMZ

Although Kim does things that don't seem normal to me (or anyone!), there are other times that really show she is just another mom. A few days ago she got Saint's birth certificate. I can't believe that yet again, Kim's maiden name is not on there. No middle name. Seems strange to me.



They are staying at Kris Jenner's home 5

They are staying at Kris Jenner's home

Image via E!

Like many new moms, Kim asked her mom for support. She and her family moved to Kris Jenner's house for the last months of her pregnancy. The plan is to stay there for several more months. 


Kim has been eating her placenta to help with the recovery 6

On her website, Kim revealed that she is eating her placenta to fend off postpartum depression. Who doesn't fear that?


A family reunion 7

A family reunion

Image via Kendall Jenner

Although Kim hasn't shared images of this herself, The Kardashian-Jenner sisters posted images of some of their time together during the birthdays of Kourtney's sons, Mason and Reign.

An avalanche of gifts 8

Kim showed off some of the gorgeous flower arrangements she received after giving birth. She also posted this adorable gift she received for Saint and I'm sure there are dozens more.


A good baby 9

A good baby

Image via Splash News

According to grandma Kris Jenner, baby Saint is calm, sleeps well and is overall a good baby. Living up to his name...

Work, work, work 10

Although she's been focusing on her baby--she admited on ther app that she is only wearing sweats and cozy fabrics--Kim has not stopped tweeting or posting new material on her app. Even with help, she has to make all the decisions, I'm sure. I don't know how she does it.


North is a busy toddler 11

North is a busy toddler

Image via Kim Kardashian/Twitter

This made me laugh! I have a couple of stories of my children sending the wrong thing to the Internet!!! Who doesn't?

Missing her pre-baby figure 12

Although she warned her fans that after gaining 60 pounds it would take her a while to recover her figure, it seems obvious that Kim is missing her pre-pregnancy body. Lately that's most of what she posts on Instagram. She said on the live stream that her plan is to share the process in her app. I really want to see how she does it!


The big decision 13

The big decision

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

According to TMZ, Kim and Kanye have decided they will not have any more children after North and Saint. "It's just too dangerous," a source explained, talking about her delivery complications.