Tasteless toys

I'm not all that uptight about toys and stuff, but the following toys defy any semblance of taste. They are tacky, innappropriate and quite possibly some of the most tasteless toys of all time. 

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Image via Corbis 

Ebola 1


Image via stuffedanimals.com

Seriously, who wants their kids to cuddle with an ebola stuffie? That's weird. 


Vibrating Harry Potter broomstick 2

Vibrating Harry Potter broomstick

Image via Mattel

Hmmm, maybe it's not a good idea to make something that kids put between their legs have a vibrating option like this Harry Potter broomstick that was being sold in the early 2000s. 


Poo Dough 3

Poo Dough

Image via Walmart

EWWWW! Nope all the way. 

Road Kill 4

Road Kill

Image via Firebox

This road kill stuffies come in their own body bag and have a zipper on their side so you can stuff their guts back in. 


Foam Dart Gun 5

Foam Dart Gun

Image via Amazon

This dart gun is a little too realistic looking for comfort. I don't think it's a good idea to have kids running around with pretend guns that from a distance look real enough to get them into real trouble. 


My Cleaning Trolley 6

My Cleaning Trolley

Image via Amazon

Don't worry I'm not opposed to this cleaning trolley because it seems to be aimed at little girls because there are also similar boy versions out there. I just don't get why I would have my kids fake clean when they could clean for reals. 


Walter White 7

Walter White

Image via Amazon

Breaking Bad is an awesome show, but I'm not sure making action figures of a meth cooking renegade is such a good idea. 

Pole Dance Doll 8

Pole Dance Doll

Image via rabbischwartzy/Instagram

Not really sure how this concept ever got approved. 


Selfie 9


Image via usaopoly.com

Oh, look, a game where you can all sit around and take selfies because, of course, we all need to perfect our selfie game...NOT!

Tattoo Gun 10

Tattoo Gun

Image via Amazon

Nothing wrong with kids playing with and applying temporary tattoos, but do they really need a realistic vibrating tattoo pen to give them the idea that they could actually give themselves or their friends a tattoo? Why not wait until they're all grown up and moved into the basement for that?