Naya Rivera has said one thing that all new moms can relate to: #SOtired. The mom in black recently admitted that the tired look sometimes requires sunglasses and only sunglasses. But what if you don't actually want to look tired? We've got 8 tips on how to not look like a tired mami. Well, at least not ALL of the time. 

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Drink Lots of Water 1

Drink Lots of Water

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Drinking water and getting hydrated is super important. When you wake up feeling tired, start off by drinking a glass, and then keep a water bottle always on hand all day.


Try Frozen Spoons 2

Try Frozen Spoons

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Keeping a frozen spoon on hand can help depuff your eyes when you need to. Simply keep a cold spoon (or two) on hand, and apply them to your eyes first thing in the morning for about 5-10 minutes. 


Conceal the Eyes 3

Conceal the Eyes

After you've removed some of the puffiness, you may need to use some more product on your eyes. Start with eye cream, then use a quality under eye concealer to get rid of some discoloration.

Got to the Gym 4

Got to the Gym

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Getting your body moving will not only help it wake up and physically make you less tired, but it will also serve to put a little color in your cheeks. If you can't get to the gym, at least take a 10 minute walk in the morning.


Start with Citrus 5

Start with Citrus

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Besides drinking water, another way to help rehydrate your skin is by having some citrus in the morning. Whether it's orange juice or a grapefruit for breakfast, have some Vitamin C. 


Don't Skimp on Bronzer 6

Don't Skimp on Bronzer

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Helping to make your skin glow with the aid of bronzer has never been as important as on those mornings when you just feel and look blegh. Try something iridescent to liven you up. 


Accent the Lips 7

Accent the Lips

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Since our eyes are looking a little tired, take some attention away from them by accenting the lips instead. Opt for a bright red or a dark berry color, and you'll look luminous in no time.

Accessorize 8


Photo via nayarivera/Instagram

When in doubt, do as Naya Rivera did and accessorize with sunglasses. Hey, sometimes it's our last option!