10 Reasons why your daughter should play sports

girls playing sportsI couldn't hold my tongue when I heard a mother chastising her 7-year-old daughter because she was all sweaty after playing soccer during recess. "That's unbecoming of a señorita," she said. I couldn't stay quiet and told the mom why she was wrong. I was rewarded with the brightest smile from the girl and an enemy for life in the PTA. But, I know I was right and I will tell you why.


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Why? You may ask yourself that question if you haven't been around a girl who plays soccer, softball, swimming, flag football, volleyball ...  But I promise you that there are at least 10 reasons why your niña should play sports.

1. She will be fit and healthy.

2. She will become a team player. Even in individual sports you have to work with others.

3. She will learn to have control of her body and deal with pain.

4. She won't be scared to fight, but only when necessary. You will be raising a warrior.

5. She will learn to respect authority.

6. She will develop the ability to focus.

7. She won't have go hide her strength behind false dainty movements, like in dance or gymnastics.

8. She will develop a thick skin.

9. She will be a champion.

10. She will learn how men think. Particularly when playing a sport like soccer, where more and more we are seeing co-ed teams and matches in the junior leagues.

The added bonus is family time cheering and celebrating outdoors. Think about it and get ready to embrace and support the warrior in your life.

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