Just the words snow day make your kids crazy. The idea of an unexpected free day off from school brings the same kind of joy that Santa Claus and the Easter bunny do. For the parents, the unexpected unsupervised time brings immediate stress. We often still have to get to work. Plus, what do we do with these kids!

Don't stress. The best way to handle a snow day is to have a plan. Yes you can somewhat plan for the unplanned. Here are 3 ways to turn your snow day into family fun day.


Cook food you only cook at the holidays: Tamales, empanadas, pasteles--make something that you only eat on special days. At Christmas time, you are too busy to slow down and really pass down recipes, but on an unexpected day off you can take your time and explain the steps and the stories behind our food traditions.

Have a TV marathon, but in Spanish: You and the kids could probably use a day to just relax so it is OK to sit in front of the TV all day but rather than let them watch cartoons, download your favorite Spanish language shows from when you were a kid and help them learn some more Spanish. I'm not saying watch a whole telenovela with them, but you can buy Maria La Del Barrio on DVD. That's up to you. The point is that it should be something you both will enjoy.

Have automatic playmates: Just because school is closed doesn't mean that work is. Make a plan with your family or neighbors to turn one house into the daycare for the day. The kids will be happy because they will have playmates and all the Mamis can relax because they know what they are doing with the kids.

What do you do on a snow day?

Image via jmanecke/flickr