Newborn nearly dies after being kissed by a loved one & it can happen to any of us! (PHOTO)

baby kissThis is every mom's worst nightmare! A British mom's newborn contracted herpes after a loved one kissed her daughter on the lips. Claire Henderson is sharing her story in the hopes of bringing awareness to other parents. You can't help but cringe when you see the photo of her innocent baby covered in cold sores. 


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A month ago, baby Brooke contracted the herpes simplex virus 1 via mouth-to-mouth contact with a loved one. Henderson noticed her baby's lips swollen and sores along her face and neck. The scariest part is that Henderson says she didn't notice that the visitor had any cold sores on their face. This makes it even harder to protect your baby! Of course, Henderson rushed her baby to the hospital where she was treated immediately. 

Doctors tested for brain and liver damage and immediately gave her meds to cure the sores. As an expecting mom, I would be livid at the person that caused this! Babies could die from contracting the herpes virus since their immune systems are so underdeveloped. Luckily, baby Brooke survived and is doing well. 

"I really hope that it has raised awareness and can help other parents recognize the signs to act quickly if their baby contracts it, too," said Henderson to BuzzFeed News. Yes, she also just inspired me to have a "no mouth kissing" policy once my son is born next month! My family will probably think I'm loca, but I'll pull up this story and hope they get my point. 

Images via Splash, Claire Henderson/Facebook

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