parenting failsWe all know parenting is the toughest job that requires overtime and no paid leave. While we all wish becoming a parent came with a hefty detailed manual, we're all left to fend for ourselves and sometimes our poor children suffer the brunt of our inexperience, and yes, stupidity. No matter how perfect celebrities seem, they also fall victim to parenting fails and their mistakes are aired out for the world to see. At least we can learn from their mistakes! Here are 10 celebrity parenting fails we can all learn from.

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Images via Getty Images, Martín Fuentes/Instagram

Kim Kardashian 1

Kim Kardashian

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Apprently, Kim didn't consider the serious choking hazard of letting your kid fall asleep with a pearl necklace on before she took this selfie with North. I hope she took it off before Nori went to bed. 


Dina Lohan 2

Dina Lohan

Image via Getty 

The 52-year-old mom loves partying with her daughter Lindsay Lohan, who has struggled with sobriety for years. In 2013, mama Lohan was arrested for suspicion of a DUI and was spotted letting loose with her daughter just two days later. Now that's less than smart. 


Lucero 3


Image via YouTube

The Mexican mother-of-two faced a firestorm after this photo of her holding a rifle while standing next to a dead animal was leaked by Spanish media. She later apologized for the incident. 

Ryan Reynolds 4

Ryan Reynolds

Image via Blake Lively/Instagram

Fans freaked out after viewing this photo of the actor posing with his daughter James in a carrier. The problem? Many observed that the carrier wasn't strapped on correctly and the baby's feet looked uncomfortable. Poor thing! Rookie mistake, no?


Paulina Rubio 5

Paulina Rubio

Image via Getty

Last year, the pop singer's nanny Ivette Ramírez revealed a bombshell. She claimed that Rubio lost her temper and violently attacked her ex-husband Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera in front of their 4-year-old son Andrea


Luis Miguel 6

Luis Miguel

Image via ¡Hola!

In 2014, the singer's ex Aracely Arambula filed a lawsuit against him demanding child support for his two sons Daniel and Miguel (seen in the photo). The telenovela star also accused him of being an absent father. If that's not a parenting fail, I don't know what is.  


Gwyneth Paltrow 7

Gwyneth Paltrow

Image via Getty

Paltrow and her ex Chris Martin reportedly almost caused an accident near their kids' school while riding their scooters last year. Apple and Moses were put at risk as well as everyone else on the road. 

Shakira 8


Image via Getty

The Colombian star was given the side eye by many fans after taking her newborn son Sasha and Milan to the insanely crowded Camp Nou stadium. Sure, she wanted her sons to  cheer on their dad Gerard Pique, but putting their safety in jeopardy wasn't the smartest move. 


Martín Fuentes 9

Martín Fuentes

Image via Martín Fuentes/Instagram

Jacqueline Bracamontes' husband was criticized for taking his daughter mini Jacky aquatic skiing when she was just 2. That's pretty crazy! I know she has floaties on, but this is still dangerous. 

Geraldine Bazán 10

Geraldine Bazán

Image via Geraldine Bazán/Twitter

Back in February, Bazán and Gabriel Soto's eldest daughter Elissa Marie fell from the third to the second floor while visiting her mom on set. She was rushed to the hospital and suffered a minor head injury and broken foot. Poor thing.