Adamari Lopez & Toni Costa share HUGE first milestone for Alaïa! (PHOTO)

adamari lopezBaby Alaïa is getting spoiled with so much attention and love from adoring parents Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa! As their first baby, the 2-month-old is their little princess. From celebrating her monthly birthday to starting an Instagram account for her, it seems like these loving parents don't want to miss a beat. What I love most is that they're willing to share so many beautiful parenting milestones with their fans. Lopez and Costa recently shared an adorable photo showcasing their beautiful daughter in the pool for the first time. The best part is that they look just as excited as the baby! 


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Baby Alaïa looks like the cutest future swimmer! She looks in her natural element and enjoying the view. She's almost three months and is already getting some practice with her floating. Most first-time parents would be freaking out to put their child in the pool without floaties, but it seems like Costa has got it under control. 

The earlier kids learn how to swim the better. Babies can be guided into the pool almost right after birth. Some baby swimming classes start when the newborn is four weeks while others require the baby to be at least six weeks old. As long as the parents are being responsible, I don't see a problem with getting their swimming gear on early. 

Lopez and Costa are doing a great job at parenting and exposing their little one to new experiences early on. When Alaïa gets older she'll be grateful that her parents spent all of this quality time with her. Just look at that face! How can you not be totally in love?

Images via Adamari Lopez/Instagram

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