adamari lopezMother's Day for Adamari López is especially bitter sweet. The new mom celebrated her first special day with 2-month-old daughter Alaïa. While her heart was filled with so much joy, Lopez was also missing her late mother Vidalina. Her touching Mother's Day message paid homage to her sweet daughter and her grandmother who is watching over her in heaven. The Puerto Rican star's emotional words were really touching and embody what motherhood is all about. 

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You have to see the beautiful photo and message Lopez wrote. Lopez's mother lost her battle to cancer in 2012 and I'm sure the wound is still fresh in Adamari's heart. It's also touching to see how other celebrity moms celebrated the special day.

Here are some of our favorite Mother's Day moments. 

--Additional reporting by Shayne Rodriguez Thompson

Image via Adamari Lopez/Instagram

Adamari Lopez 1

Adamari Lopez

Image via Adamari Lopez/Instagram

Just look at those sweet faces! Lopez shared the most loving message dedicated to her daughter Alaïa. She wrote, "Thanks for coming into my life to bring new dreams and illusions. You make me a happy woman. I think about your grandmother Vidalina, and all of the love she gave us, in how she educated us, in her smile...I hope I can give you all of that and so much more." 


Kim Kardashian 2

Kim Kardashian

Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Leave it to Kim to celebrate Mother's Day with several thousands of white roses. Mrs. West received this loving gift from her husband Kanye and wrote a sweet message to thank him, "I got to my room in Brazil and my amazing thoughtful husband had the sweetest note with a couple thousand roses covering my entire suite for Mothers Day!"


Jennifer Lopez 3

Jennifer Lopez

Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram 

Jennifer Lopez has been traveling like crazy, but she still got to enjoy some cuddles from her coconuts on Mother's Day.

Christina Milian 4

Christina Milian

Images via Christina Milian/Instagram

Miss Milian spent her day at home enjoying gorgeous white roses and homemade gifts from her daughter, Violet.


Lala Anthony 5

Lala Anthony

Image via Lala Anthony/Instagram

Lala got all dolled up in a brand-new dress. Hope she went somewhere fun!


Jessica Alba 6

Jessica Alba

Images via Jessica Alba/Instagram

Jessica Alba was showered with homemade gifts from cutie patooties Honor and Haven. 


Kourtney Kardashian 7

Kourtney Kardashian

Image via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

The eldest Kardashian sister didn't get as many flowers as her sister Kim, but they're just as lovely. "So much love! I hope everyone had as perfect of a Mother's Day as I did," she wrote.

Snookie 8


Image via Snookie/Instagram

Snookie was surprised with pretty flowers in DIYed pots from hubby Gianni and her babies Lorenzo and Giovanna.


Ana Patricia 9

Ana Patricia

Image via Ana Patricia/Instagram

Beauty queen and Despierta America correspondent Ana Patricia made sure to soak up lots of snuggles from her newborn baby girl.

Salma Hayek 10

Salma Hayek

Images via Getty, Salma Hayek/Instagram

A mother's work is never done! Salma spent some QT detangling Valentina's tresses with her fave brushes. I use the same kind to take my son's unruly curls!


Fergie 11


Image via Fergie/Instagram

Fergie spent Mother's Day honoring her own mother alongside her toddler Axl. 

Gisele Bundchen 12

Gisele Bundchen

Image via Gisele Bundchen/Instagram

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen sent a very sweet IG shoutout to her own gorgeous mami and mothers everywhere. 


Sofia Vergara 13

Sofia Vergara

Image via Sofia Vergara/Instagram

Mama Sofia Vergara spent the day with family, including her dashing and doting fiance and infant nephew.

Paulina Rubio 14

Paulina Rubio

Image via Paulina Rubio/Instagram

Paulina Rubio pranced around la playa this Mother's Day. 


Soledad O'Brien 15

Soledad O'Brien

Image via Soledad O'Brien/Instagram

The Latina journalist published a throwback photo with her mother Estella and her child on the cover of Working Women magazine. "Mom I love you," she wrote. 

Jacqueline Bracamontes 16

Jacqueline Bracamontes

Image via Jackie Bracamontes/Instagram

The Mexican star had to share her Mother's Day festivities with her husband Martin Fuentes' birthday! Don't they look adorable with mini Jacky?