Eva Mendes won't be celebrating Mother's Day & you'll NEVER believe why!

eva mendesMother's Day is the one time of year everyone gets to make a big fuss about you and maybe you'll get breakfast in bed and maybe a spa appointment. What's not to love? Apparently, Eva Mendes is not about that life and I think it's kind of strange. Granted, not all moms are all about mommy things, but Mother's Day is a free pass to get pampered and feel praised by your loved ones. Mendes, who gave birth to daughter Esmeralda in September, has a pretty crazy reasoning behind boycotting Mother's Day and you won't believe why. 


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Mendes revealed to Access Hollwood, "There is no plan. I kind of feel like I haven't quite earned my stripes yet in a way. [My daughter is] 7 months." That is the first time I've heard that first-time moms need to "earn their stripes" in order to celebrate Mother's Day! 

As a mom-to-be, I see this year as my first Mother's Day celebration. I plan on hosting a gender reveal party for my family and cooking a lunch honoring my mom and mother-in-law. I think you can decide to celebrate Mother's Day anyday and it should be celebrated. 

Baby Esmeralda is 7 months now. Mendes has earned her stripes! I wonder if this was her way of keeping her plans private. Hopefully her boyfriend Ryan Gosling has a surprise in the works and the Cuban star will be forced to enjoy her first Mother's Day in style. I certainly hope that'll be the case. 

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