Dad tattoos his newborn's pic on his face & you have to see the PIC

tattoo A father's love has never been more permanent and freakier than this. A Texas man wanted to celebrate his fatherhood by getting his newborn's face tattoo on his face. Suddenly a cute little baby's face doesn't seem so cute anymore. The fresh baby ink takes over the entire left side of his face. Now, how is he going to find a job to support this innocent creature with this giant tattoo on his face?! I have so many questions. You will too after you see the terrifying photo! 


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The father, identified only as Chris, has a huge black and white ink job of his baby. Now, if this man gets smacked in the face it would be a double disrespectful move. You would be violating him and his cute baby! To make matters worse, the other side of his face is covered with a flower and skull tattoo. I know you shouldn't judge someone based on their looks, but I think everyone will do a double take and question this man's sanity and parental skills. 

I can't imagine what the mother of his baby must think about this madness. Maybe she's just as nuts and has a matching one on her left cheek. Reportedly, she isn't fond of his new ink and posted her distaste on his Facebook. She wants him to grow up and hopes to have an "honest family." 

My guess is that she's going to have a tough time with that. He may also regret the tat when he's old and his newborn baby starts to look saggy and melted on his face. Now that's worth crying about. 

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