kim kardashian and north tripKeeping Up With The Kardashians has proven to be an exhausting task. The same is starting to be the case with Kim Kardashian and her 21-month-old daughter North West. The twosome and Kanye West recently traveled to Armenia to discover Kim's paternal roots. They reportedly cut their visit short to also travel to Israel, where they're preparing to baptize Nori. Wait, why are they traveling so far to bless this child and without involving the rest of her family? Did they also consider how unsafe they trip could be? 


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The couple baptized their daughter in a 12th century Armenian church. To me, it seems excessive to travel so far and baptize your child in a country where the security environment remains shaky and complex. Not to mention, they've had paparazzi follow them everywhere!

Poor Nori. Even a sacred moment is turned into a media circus. This isn't Kim's only controversial parenting moment, of course! Check out eight other moments Kim Kardashian has made us squirm because of her parenting choices. 

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