Adamari Lopez shares ALL the details of baby Alaïa's arrival

Adamari Lopez has shared her pregnancy journey with us every step of the way, but the new mom had been pretty quiet since welcoming her daughter Alaïa on Wednesday. The Puerto Rican star previously confirmed that she was looking forward to some privacy with her new family and fiance Toni Costa after the baby's arrival. But now she's finally opened up about the details and since we're all tias and tios, we want to share them with you!


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Adamari went into labor early Wednesday morning in Miami. Baby Alaïa was born via C-section at 4:45 a.m. measuring 19 inches and weighing just 5.13 pounds. The new mom said from the hospital, "I want to shower her with kisses, I want to see her all of the time, I don't want to take my eyes off of her...I don't want her to cry." 

But the most touching detail the new mom has shared is that the time of her baby's birth is the same time her father, who passed away a month ago, used to call her every morning to wake her up so she could get ready to go to work at Telemundo. How very special!

I can't wait to hear more details about how motherhood has been treating
Adamari and what those intimate first moments with her little one were like. Since she shared so many milestones with us during her pregnancy, I feel like part of her extended family!

I'm so happy for Adamari and Toni. Baby Alaïa must be the biggest blessing and gift they've ever received.

Images via Un Nuevo Día, Latin Iconos

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