Parents turn their own kids into cops after seeing them on the news

watching tvBeing a parent is HARD, especially when it comes to setting the right example for your children and making tough moral decisions. Just ask the parents of two teen brothers from Fayetteville, North Carolina caught on surveillance video burglarizing a tech store. Imagine the surprise and horror these parents must have gone through when they watched the news and saw footage of their 14- and 16-year-old sons breaking the law. Then the turmoil that came with making the gut-wrenching decision to turn their children into the police.


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According to police, the parents of the two boys in question recorded a news broadcast on New Year's Eve because they were out at church. When they got back on Thursday, they watched the recorded broadcast and saw footage of a burglary at the Tech Boyz store that had occurred at around 3:30 a.m. that Monday. The footage taken by nine security cameras showed five teen boys stealing laptops, cell phones and more. Of the five teens shown on the video, the parents recognized two of them as their kids.

The teens were supposedly spending the night with an older sibling, but instead went out with friends and are said to have been motivated to commit the burglary because of peer pressure.

The parents of the teen brothers wasted no time in turning their sons over to the police on New Year's Day. What a difficult way to start the New Year! I do not envy them in the least, but I am very proud of them.

Jesse Hill, the co-owner of the store that was robbed, says, "To the ones who turned them in, thank you. I hate if it's your kids, but thank you for doing the right thing."

Let's hope that these children find their way back from this experience and never go down this road again. Kudos to the parents for showing their kids that sometimes you have to do the right thing even if it's hard.

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