10 Things all Latina moms want in the New Year


Are you a New Year's resolutions kind of person? This time of year brings forth many resolutions from people, but not me. I'm more the kind of person who likes to think of what she wants for the New Year. I like to make wishes so to speak and I make 'em big. I mean, if I'm going to wish for stuff why wish small, right? I wish so big that I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of 10 things that all Latina moms want for the New Year and it goes a little something like this …


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1. A healthy family, always a healthy family.

2. Children that say por please and muchos thank yous all the time.

3. A hovering chancla that follows your kids around and reminds them that they better be good or …

4. The serenity to accept what we can't change and the ganas and fuerza too kick butt when we need to.

5. An off button for suegras.

6. Enough food and the skill to feed ours and anyone who happens to stop by delicious and nutritious meals.

7. Restful nights filled with lots of sleep and telenovela-like dreams, but only the love scenes staring our favorite galán opposite us, of course. Relax, don't get your chonies in a bunch, it's just a sweet dream, not like we are really gonna get it on with William Levy in real life or anything.

8. A partner who is a mind reader. I mean honestly, it's not that hard, I know what I'm thinking so why can't he figure it out?

9. Laundry that washes, folds and puts itself away.

10. Lots of lots of love from our family in the form of hugs, kisses, laughter and joy!   

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