8 Things babies born in 2015 will never know

babyLife will sure be a breeze for babies born in 2015. Well, I can't guarantee that, but it will definitely be easier due to technology and cultural shifts. There will be a ton of adventures from our childhood that they will never come close to experiencing. We are reminiscing on some of the less obvious ones they may have a hard time imagining. 


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1. Card catalogs at the library: Remember the tedious act of having to talk to your smelly librarian and sort through the library catalog cards you needed? Those days are long gone thanks to libraries having online catalogs and everything in place for you, including the current location of the book. Wow, life sure is easier now, which means they better get A's in those school papers!

2. Beepers or pagers: Getting paged 143 used to rock our worlds. It was the secret code for "I love you" and there was more where that came from. Like, 07734 for "hello" and 1134 2 09 meaning "go 2 hell" after your two-week relationship was over. Babies born in 2015 will miss all of the beeper fun! I'm sure even the texting acronyms will be long extinct when they grow up! Memories.

3. Mixed cassette tapes or CDs: Getting gifted a mixed tape or CD was like getting a love letter from your preteen novio! There was nothing sweeter than sitting by the radio waiting to hit record on your favorite song and creating a collection of your favorite jams. Now MP3s have taken over, but I'm really not hating on that.

4. Using an address book: Your abuela may still be old-school and pull out her little address book every once in a while, but everyone keeps their personal contacts on their phones and computers nowadays. That little book, which took time and patience to fill out and organize, will definitely be a thing of the past. Sorry, grandmas. 

5. Calling for delivery: Grabbing the phone book and ordering pizza for the family was one of the most annoying tasks, and your baby will know nothing of it when he or she grows up. With menu pages online and sites like Seamless and GrubHub, delivery is just a click away. Lucky, lucky! 

6. Life without caller ID: Answering the phone worried of who may be calling? Your baby won't have to go through all of that agony. He or she will be a pro at screening calls and ignoring those pesky telemarketers. Oh wait, those may not exist either.

7. A movie rental store: Going to Blockbuster or a local movie rental store was so much fun back in the day, but who needs that when you have Netflix and Hulu Prime? This one is going to be one of the most foreign activities to explain to them.  

8. A non-cordless phone: We all remember getting tackled up while talking to our best friend on the phone for hours. Your baby won't be confined to one location (mine was in my older brother's room) to talk about school crushes and which teachers annoyed the crap out of them. ¡Qué buena vida! 

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